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FanFaire Foundation logoFANFAIRE FOUNDATION, a non-profit public charity organization, was created in February 2009 in reaction to the deteriorating state of music and science education in the US. Once the international gold standard in these areas that are so critical to both the economic and cultural well-being of a country, the US has become a laggard among developed nations. Statistics underscore the reality that even with the launching of national education initiatives, America’s children have been left behind in science and music education. The implications for the future of America’s standing in the world and the well-being of its people are not very encouraging.

A 501 (c)(3) all-volunteer nonprofit organization founded by professionals with strong backgrounds in the sciences as well as a passion for music and the arts, FanFaire Foundation is funded entirely by small individual donations. Its creation was inspired by a call for participation by institutions and community members in the First San Diego Science Festival which was organized to reignite public interest in science and attract young students to careers in science. The Festival’s ARTS section provided an opportunity for the founders to demonstrate that the creative convergence of science and music could lead to new ways of making the teaching and learning of science more interesting and appealing to today’s young minds. The founders of FanFaire Foundation believe that music is a unique and effective means for achieving this goal.

Hence its MISSION…
to NURTURE creativity among students and adults through music and science appreciation programs and through the use of music as a tool for enhancing public understanding of science and for teaching science at the K-12 level;

of a better world, where people of all ages appreciate music and understand science and technology in a way that positively impacts how they live their lives and interact with society, where teaching and learning science and music are enjoyable and productive activities that fire the imagination and inspire the kind of creativity and innovation that will guarantee the future ability of the nation’s schools to produce future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technologists as well as science-literate citizens able to participate in the technology-related civic issues that increasingly permeate everyday lives, and ultimately support the development of the knowledge-based workforce needed for the US to maintain its leadership position in the world economy.


which are held in informal learning environments in multicultural communities throughout San Diego County and beyond, often in partnership with public libraries, museums, festivals and other institutions that advance the cause of education at both K-12 and higher levels. By promoting and supporting after-school programs, concert-lectures, music appreciation concerts, science lectures and the development of innovative educational materials, FANFAIRE FOUNDATION hopes to reinvigorate public interest in music and science, arrest the apparent “free-fall” in the quality of education, and help the US regain world leadership in creativity, innovation, technological competitiveness, and achieve the highest human ideals.


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