Music nurtures creativity and scientific thinking
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FanFaire Foundation’s mission is to nurture creativity of the highest order among today’s youth through the development of programs that strengthen science and music education, equip young minds for the unique challenges of the 21st century, and kindle public interest in science and music. It is based on the recognition of:

  • the natural and inextricable relationship between science and music as exemplified by the great men and women from the distant and recent past who shaped today’s civilization;
  • the supreme value of education in today’s competitive and technology-based global economy;
  • the centrality of widespread scientific literacy to the development of nations and its documented enhancement by musical literacy and cross-fertilization with the arts; and
  • the magical power of music to transcend human differences and break barriers between peoples.

Through the implementation of its programs, FanFaire Foundation hopes to help the country regain its world leadership in creativity, innovation, and technological competitiveness and rediscover its tradition of aspiring to the fulfillment of the noblest human ideals.


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