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Adrian Liu

My name is Adrian Liu, and I was born on February 26, 1998 in Palo Alto, CA. When I was four, there were three noisemakers in my house:  the pots and pans, the miniature guitar, and the purple (mahogany) piano. The pots and pans were quickly ruled out when I was chased out of the kitchen. The guitar was only used to pose as a rock star;  a few strums and it was back in the corner gathering dust. The purple piano had 89 keys instead of the usual 88. It would have been highly exotic had it not also included a keyhole. I was at that piano so often that my mother used the 89th key to restrict access to the other 88.  When my father came home, he demanded that I be allowed to let my creativity flow.  After an hour of banging, he too was asking for the 89th key. Luckily for my family, my banging on the piano eventually became more melodious and ear-pleasing.

My first teachers were Tanya Schneiderman and the late Barbara Schneiderman. I currently study with Mrs. Inessa Litvin. One of the most significant things Mrs. Litvin taught me was to find the truth of the music and express it honestly. I enjoy studying and performing at the piano. I enjoy the process of acquiring deeper understanding of a piece while perfecting it. After polishing a piece for a long time, it feels good to be able to simply express the piece and enjoy the music. Performing is a way for me to share my understanding of the music with my audience. Playing music by Mozart has been especially challenging for me, as his compositions require a lightness of touch and intense but controlled emotion.

Some of the competitions I have participated in include the following:

  • Bach Festival (Regional Finalist 2007, 2008, and 2010)
  • Sonata Festival (2007:1st place,2008: 2nd place, finalist: 2009, 2010)
  • H.B. Goodlin Scholarship Competition (2010:honorable mention)
  • MTAC Concerto Competition (2011:1st place.), and
  • San Diego Symphonyʼs Young Artist competition (2011:2nd place)

I am home schooled and currently in the 7th grade. My favorite subjects are math and literature. I enjoy recreational soccer and logic. I am currently the pianist of a chamber ensemble under the tutelage of Michael and Irina Tseitlin. I am an active member of FanFaire Foundation’s “Kids Playing for Kids” program.


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