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poster-KIDS Playing For KIDS Concert at Seacrest Village


“KIDS Playing For KIDS” team members Paul, Julia, Michael, Angie, Annie, and Clara were visibly pleased when the audience at the Synagogue (Theatre) of Seacrest Village in Encinitas, CA treated them to generous applause, a chorus of bravos, and a long standing ovation when they took their final bow following a performance that everyone agreed, almost to a person, was the best ever show they’ve had in this North County coastal retirement community. Clearly knowledgeable about music, and initially unbelieving that the performers they had just heard play on such a professional level belonged to the narrow age group of ten to thirteen, they they did not hurry out the exit doors.  Instead, they lingered on and chatted with the kids, congratulating them–and their parents–on their precocious musical achievements.

KIDS Playing For KIDS' final bow at Seacrest Village

Among the raves heard after the concert: “Unbelievable talent!” “Unimaginable!” “Inconceivable!” “After hearing these kids, I will never play the piano again!” “We want you back!” The show marked the FanFaire Foundation debut, so to speak, of two new members of the KIDS Playing For KIDS program which on this particular occasion catered to the child in people of all ages. Julia and Anne proved equal to the task, their keyboard talents now to be counted among program’s priceless assets. Below is the concert program and the list of young artists who swept the audience away. READ AUDIENCE TESTIMONIALS

Seacrest Village - concert program


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