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Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club and FanFaire Foundation present “Chamber Music is FUN!!!” June 29, 2013

Show features San Diego’s up and coming Impromptu Quartet of young musicians and other members of FanFaire Foundation’s “KIDS Playing For KIDS” program in a variety program of classical music, Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, and pop


Chamber Music is FUN!!!

WHEN: Saturday June 29, 2013
WHERE: Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

WOW! FANTASTIC! Every participant a skilled musician. What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. BRAVO! ENCORE!!
-S. Ford

[I liked] everything! The musicians are talented far beyond their years. It was like listening to professional musicians. The pieces selected were varied and delightful.
- D. Brooks

It was all fantastic, fabulous and wonderful. All of the musicians seem so dedicated and disciplined. And very talented.
- C. McCoy

[I liked] everything. Wonderful to see youth engaged in this way. Appreciated their being well-dressed but most of all appreciated their expertise and your dedication to music-science.
- P. Astier

We think it is great to allow the young to grow and appreciate the arts as such. We supported the Performing Arts Center at the Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe. Suggest you contact them to perform before an appreciative audience.
-J. Oren

What pleasure to see and hear the next generation present their musical skills with passion and polish. And the music is fun, too!
-J. Hoeflich

I love seeing such talented youth pursuing classical music–very refreshing. They are so committed. Very enjoyable, nice variety.
- O. Prahm

[I liked] all of the concert. Everyone was excellent. It was a great pleasure to be here for their music. They seemed to enjoy their efforts and perform with great poise. Thank you for the performance.
- J.D. Oren

The kids playing were exceptionally great. Their musical talent is beyond all that I’ve seen. The dynamics were wonderful. I love to see great potential blooming, and that’s what I saw. The setting of the concert was beautiful as well. The kids really depicted what music is.
- A. Pham

I was very impressed. Enjoyed such wonderful talent. Thank you for inviting us. The music was beautiful.
- F. Parker

The kids are amazing talents and such a pleasure to listen to.
- K. Carley

Fantastic! Very talented. Single word summation… Impressive.
- J.C.

[I liked] very much just about everything. So much different to hear it live. Music is beautiful!!! I enjoy it and my kids do too!
- H. Mach

The music selection is very beautiful. The program is well organized. Well done!
- H. Vo

The cello performances were fantastic. Modern music on the violins great.
- Shanti

Performed by young and talented kids. Choice of songs and the program are well organized and selected. This is a perfect setting to get kids involved and to appreciate music.
-L. Pham

[I liked] the mix of classical and popular music, though it could be performed in a more “impromptu” style. Give us variations of well known classical pieces!
- Anon.

Professional performance.
- W. McCoy

The music is very pretty and relaxing. I really enjoy listening to classical music. I was very impressed by everybody’s skill.
- A. Nguyen

[I liked] the very high quality of the these musicians. The venue is perfect!
- K. Kozlow

The music was great and I liked how the quartet was in rhythm.
- A Pham

Very enjoyable.
- W.Y. Lin

[I liked] everything! Great performance!
- A. Grote

What I liked was how the Impromptu Quartet and Paul Maxwell played their beautiful music and showed their virtuosity.
- G. Tonthat

Excellent music and players! Good mix of the varieties.
- J. Wong

[I liked] the nice selection of music. Great performance.
- S. Oetuma

Enjoyed seeing these young people perform.
- Anon.

[I liked] the different styles, solos!
- B. Grote

[ I liked] everything.
- J. Ettinger

It is wonderful!
- Anon.


of the Impromptu Quartet Playing “Petite Serenade”
and Paul Maxwell and Clara Truong Playing “Variations on One String on a Theme by Rossini

Impromptu Quartet Plays Petite Serenade
Impromptu Quartet Plays Petite Serenade
Presented by FanFaire Foundation and Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club in "Chamber Music is FUN!!!" concert held June 29, 2013 at the Garden Club. Impromptu Quartet plays "Petite Serenade" by Shin-Irchiro Yokoyama; quartet members Jonathan Wong, 1st violin; Allan Huang, 2nd violin; Christopher Wong, viola; Elijah Grote, cello were among those who launched FanFaire Foundation's "KIDS Playing For KIDS" program in October 2011
Paul Maxwell and Clara Truong Play Paganini's Variations on One String on a Theme by Rossini
Paul Maxwell and Clara Truong Play Paganini's Variations on One String on a Theme by Rossini
Presented by FanFaire Foundation and Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club at the "Chamber Music is FUN!!!" concert held on June 29, 2013 at the Garden Club. Paul and Clara are active founding members of FanFaire Foundation's "KIDS Playing For KIDS" program





FanFaire Foundation and the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club celebrate summer with a fun chamber music concert featuring the Impromptu Quartet on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 2:30 p.m.  The musical variety program will include music by Bach, Mozart, Scott Joplin as well as tunes from movie soundtracks and Broadway musicals.

Impromptu Quartet

The Quartet members, whose ages range from thirteen to twenty-one, are Eli Grote  (cello), Allan Huang (Second Violin), Jonathan Wong (First Violin), and Christopher Wong (viola). They are founding members of FanFaire Foundation’s “KIDS Playing For KIDS” program who performed at the program’s launch in October 2011, and then again at FanFaire Foundation’s show on Kids’ Day at the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields on April 1, 2012.  Occasionally, members of the quartet also perform individually at FanFaire Foundation events. 

The Quartet, like the other members of the program, Clara Truong (piano) and Paul Maxwell (cello) who will also appear in the show playing pieces by Saint-Saens and Paganini, are among San Diego’s most talented young musicians.

Photo - pianist Clara Truong and cellist Paul Maxwell

They all learned to play their musical instruments at a very young age and have distinguished themselves by consistently winning competitions and participating in music festivals. Eli Grote, for example has played in Silicon Valley Music Festival and China’s Great Wall Music Festival and has performed around the world with the Civic Youth Orchestra in places such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, and New Zealand.

In addition, all of these young artists are not only musically gifted but also excel in math and science—quite in line with FanFaire Foundation’s mission of nurturing the kind of creativity much needed in our knowledge-based economy through programs that highlight the often ignored creative convergence of music and science.

The concert is open to the public. Everyone who attends the show in the beautiful setting of Rancho Santa Garden Club will likely come away convinced that chamber music can be a lot of FUN!

Date: Saturday June 29, 2013 at 2:30 p.m.
Tickets: FREE / free-will donations welcome
Venue: Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club

17025 Avenida de Acacias
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

MEDIA SPONSOR: Rancho Santa Fe Review



IMPROMPTU QUARTET (Founding members of FanFaire Foundation’s KIDS Playing For KIDS program)

Elijah Grote
San Diego-born Eli began his music studies with piano lessons at the age of seven. At age nine, he decided to switch to the cello because he enjoyed its unique sound and liked the idea of the instrument’s portability.  

He has played in many orchestras, including the Civic Youth Orchestra, San Diego Youth Symphony and Philharmonia, YPO Orchestra, and San Diego State Orchestra. Eli has also traveled around the world on tour with the Civic Youth Orchestra  to places such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, Austrailia, and New Zealand.

In addition to performing in an orchestra, Eli has appeared in numerous music festivals such as the Silicon Valley Music Festival and The Great Wall Music Festival in China, coached by famous Emerson Quartet violinist Paul Setzer. He won the VOCE regional competition at the age of 16 and has since earned honorable mentions in many other competitions all over California.

While playing cello for over eleven years, Eli has retained his unusual love for science. He is currently a student at San Diego State University where he is pursuing a double major in Biology and Cello Performance (under the tutelage Yao Zhao, principal cellist of the San Diego Symphony. Having gained all this experience, Eli currently teaches the enjoyment of cello playing to willing students.

[Note of interest: FanFaire Foundation's founders first met Eli when he was a high school student playing his cello with his violinist buddy outside the Frazier Farms Natural Foods Market in Vista, CA one Christmas season some years ago, or "busking" as they call this type of public performance in Canada. His musical talent was quite evident even then.]


Allan Huang
Allan is a 13 year-old Freshman at Canyon Crest Academy. He has studied the violin for almost 9 years under the tutelage of various teachers, including Corrie Covell and Rebekah Yoon. He was the Young Artists Symphony’s Assistant Concertmaster during the years of 2011-2012. Allan has played the 2nd violin for the Impromptu Quartet for various senior centers, FanFaire Foundation events, and San Diego Symphony pre-concerts. He was awarded an Honorable Mention at San Dego Youth Symphony’s 2013 Concerto Competition.

Christopher Wong
Seventeen year-old Christopher began playing the piano when he was seven.  Wishing to expand his love for music, he decided to join a youth symphony orchestra and began learning the viola when he turned twelve.   Currently studying under the tutelage of Mr. Hernan Constantino, Christopher has been playing the viola for 5 years  and has loved his remarkable experience playing as the principal violist of the San Diego Young Artists Symphony.  He co-founded the Impromptu Quartet, which has performed at pre-concert events for Mainly Mozart and the San Diego Symphony and at FanFaire Foundation shows, as well as for retirement communities, weddings, and the American Lung Association. 

Christopher has received awards from the VOCE North County competition as well as the Goodlin Competition. He loves playing for his church weekly and in his spare time, enjoys listening to classical music, tutoring math, reading, skiing, and playing tennis.  With music scholarships and his standing as a National Merit Scholarship winner, he will be attending Westmont College in Montecito, CA this fall where he will pursue studies that will lead him toward a career in the field of medicine while sustaining his abiding love for music.

Jonathan Wong
Jonathan is sixteen years old and currently studies the violin under the tutelage of Hernan Constantino.  He has held the concertmaster position with the Civic Youth Chamber Orchestra and currently holds this position in the Young Artists Symphony.  He co-founded the Impromptu Quartet which has performed preludes for Mainly Mozart and the San Diego Symphony and at FanFaire Foundation events, as well as for weddings, retirement communities, and various charities.  Aside from playing chamber music, Jonathan also competes in various instrumental competitions and has won 2nd place at the VOCE North County competition and 3rd place at the Grossmont Music Scholarship competition.  He also plays in the worship team at his church. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading sci-fi and mystery books, relaxing at home, and listening to music.


Paul Maxwell
began piano lessons at age 4 and cello at 6. Paul has been home schooled since 1st grade so that he may have more time to practice cello and piano. He has played in the Civic Youth Orchestra and SD Youth Symphony, but recently he has found chamber playing to be both challenging and extremely enjoyable.  A frequent participant in regional competitions and festivals, Paul received 2nd place in San Diego VOCE competition as a soloist and 1st place as a trio player. In June 2012 he performed Dvorak’s concerto with New City Sinfonia as MTAC concerto competition winner. Most recently, Paul won First Place in the String Division of the Goodlin Scholarship Competition. Paul is an active member of FanFaire Foundation’s KIDS Playing For KIDS program, playing at venues across San Diego and Orange counties. Paul loves reading, learning about science and technology, and sailing. Last year he received his first sailing license.

Clara Truong
Clara is an eighth grader at Black Mountain Middle School. She began piano lessons at a very young age as a Suzuki Method student of Constance Almond.  Currently a student of Inessa Litvin, Clara has won top prizes in numerous competitions, among them: 2013 MTAC Southern California Junior Bach Festival, Honorable Mention— 2013 San Diego Symphony Young Artist “Hot Shots”, First Place— 2012 MTAC Sonata Competition for Solo Piano, Second Place — 2012 Inland Valley Young Artist competition, First Places— 2011 Helen B. Goodlin Scholarship Competition and 2010 MTAC  Concerto Competition.  She most recently won 2nd place in the 2013 Goodlin Scholarship Competition. Her piano quintet (coached by Michael and Irina Tseitlin) has won prestigious awards and was invited to play at the 2012 MTAC San Diego Centennial Banquet.  She has performed with the USD Symphony Orchestra and the Inland Valley Symphony Orchestra. Clara, who is an active founding member of FanFaire Foundation’s “Kids Playing for Kids” program, plays the piano regularly at the Ronald McDonald House and volunteers at the Arbors at Rancho Penasquitos Assisted Living. Her dream is to follow in her teachers’ footsteps and share the love of music with everyone she meets. She can’t wait to start teaching math and piano this summer to children in underserved communities throughout San Diego, a new program of FanFaire Foundation.


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