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[I liked] the quality of the music. The poise and presentation by the young musicians were simply marvelous. I wish them the best and thank you for all the work you do for a very worthy cause.
- B. Hammitt

The concert was excellent. The young people are a delight.
- P. McGovern

Excellent organization and musicians.
- L. Llacer

Fabulous! Please continue to offer us the opportunity to encourage these young talents.
- Anon.

Amazingly talented youth. Would love to see more.
- D. Walker and J.Almonor

Incredibly telented and gifted young performers. Wonderful program.
-J. Sage

Incredible performance by all the amazing performers. I loved it.
- Rhea

Fantastically good kids! Makes me wish I’d practiced!
- R. Rollins

Incredibly talented kids. Very expressive.
- Ciprian

Danli is so very gifted. The Franz Liszt Etude of “Un sospier” was breathtaking. Best wishes at Carnegie Hall! Paul is fantastic too at such a young age.
- Kathy

- M. Bloom

[I liked] the selection of pieces and expertise of the performers
- J. Mann

[I liked the] variety of composers.
- R.B. Thompson


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