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Michael Chen

Michael is a 5th grader at Sage Canyon Elementary School. He studies piano with Mrs. Inessa Litvin. He became interested in music and piano at age five and since age seven has been participating in annual piano sonata and concerto competitions sponsored by the Music Teacher’s Association of California (MTAC), winning several top awards. At the 2011 MTAC state convention, Michael won not only the state title for piano concerto competition in the 10 to 12 year-old division but also the singular grand prize for exceptional achievement.

In 2012, Michael received the gold medal from the International Young Musicians “Passion of Music 2012 at Carnegie Hall” competition sponsored by the American Association for the Development of the Gifted and Talented (); and First Prize from the 2012 International Concerto Competition sponsored by American Protégé. He performed at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall on March 10, 2012.

California Music Teacher magazine describes Michael’s playing as “exquisite, spirited and passionate beyond his age”. Music adjudicators has complimented his performances as “first rate, sparkling with crystal clear passages”, his “very musical handling of dynamic nuance”, his “majestic and elegant style”, and his “vivid rendering of capricious characters”.

Michael enjoys playing piano repertoire of all periods, with a penchant for Romantic and Classic. Through playing piano, Michael has learned a wonderful way to communicate, to reflect on the beauty of the world, and to express many kinds of emotions. Michael would like to thank Mrs. Litvin for helping him with piano techniques and understanding music, and for constantly challenging him to reach ever higher levels. He would like to thank Prof. Shen for fostering his early music interest and for continuing to teach him music theory. Michael also wishes to thank his sister Christine for always being there for him.

Michael enjoys school; his favorite subjects are Math and Science. He enjoys playing basketball and golf with friends. He hopes to keep playing piano and has set his sights on possibly becoming a concert pianist; he has also thought about becoming a computer game architect, designing and playing games, and possibly composing the theme music for these games. He is an active team member of FanFaire Foundation’s “KIDS Playing for KIDS” and Youth Volunteer programs which nurture talented young students so that they can become role models for children in our communities. They are encouraged to pursue excellence in their studies and are often presented at the organization’s concert preludes.


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