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At Bressi Ranch in Carlsbad…

FanFaire Foundation Celebrates
Celebrating Our New Partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad…

…with a fun EXPERIMENT on spreading the love of CLASSICAL MUSIC

Here’s the original poster announcement.


Paul* unexpectedly became indisposed but the show went on with “veteran” KIDS Playing For KIDS” member Clara welcoming her friend Lucy and little and Lillian – latest additions to the “KIDS” team. The plan was for them to play their hearts out in the Clubhouse lobby one Friday afternoon while the Club kids do their thing. But as soon as Lillian played the first bars of her piece, the doors of the activity rooms opened and out rushed the Club kids who sat on the floor and intently listened as Lillian, Clara and Lucy took their turns playing.
After each piece, Club Director asked the young audience this queation: “Where did the music take you?” And the variety of answers was simply amazing!

Clara, Lucy and Lillian also answered questions about themselves, their instruments, and their love of classical music.

Does this event look like FUN or what?

Will Clara-and-Lucy-and-Lillian’s love of classical music rub off on the kids of Bressi Ranch?
Surely, we’ll find out sooner or later!

*Paul made it on another occasion – when we brought a version of our “From Paris To You” concert to the Clubhouse, and did he WOW the kids AND the adults who were there!


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