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FABULOUS! Best program here, ever!!
- R. Rollins

[I liked] EVERYTHING! They are all remarkable and so very talented.
- F.B. Harris

[I liked the] Talent and professionalism of the students… also, the selections of music.
- E. Rose

[I liked] The very talented young musicians playing beautiful classical music. Please come back.
- A. Scholfield

Beautiful music from such talented beautiful children.
- A.M. Barr

[I] came for the second half; sorry I missed the beginning. They were all wonderful! So talented!
- K. Kulak

[I liked] The enthusiasm and professional attitude of the young artists – a wonderful afternoon.
- Anon.

Very talented young people. Michael Chen – exceptional!!! Joyce Lee – Professional! A most enjoyable hour of grand music.
- Anon.

Versatility of talent displayed was wonderful – Adrian fantastic! Joyce Lee – wonderful! professional!
- P. Cheney

[I liked] Everything – so talented! Such skill!
- M. Dixon

[I liked] Everything. What talent. All the students were so poised. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing.
- H. Ellison

[I liked the] general expertise of the participants. Very inspiring.
- J.B. Brunella

Impressive skills and talents. Good selection of familiar music.
- R.P. Rose

Dedication and hard work from such young students. Wonderful! They are our future.
- Anon.

[I liked] The exceptional talent of all the children, their poise and selections.
-J. Flack

Enjoyed young musicians playing classical music.
- U. Chi

[I liked] the selections and especially the skill and talent of the young people and their enjoyment of classical music.
- I. Wang

- Anon.


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