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FanFaire Foundation has seen an expansion in its programs since its establishment in 2009. The programs are directly or indirectly EDUCATIONAL in nature. To date, these include the following:

1. Free Family Concerts Series – designed to foster music appreciation among the public and, whenever possible, to showcase local talents who are also excellent role models for young people in the community. The latest in the series was the very warmly received “From Paris to You“, which featured two young Paris-based artists, pianist Zachary Deak and violist Virginie d’Avezac de Castera. They performed a thoughtfully assembled program of music for solo piano as well as for viola and piano duo. The program started in August 2011 with a series of concerts by the Orvieto Piano Trio whose members include Dr. BYRON CHOW, a practicing San Diego pediatrician with a background in molecular biology who is also an active pianist, violist and composer.

Also in 2011, FanFaire Foundation presented other free family concerts that included the FAMILY HOLIDAY SING-ALONGS (see below), as well as the Holiday Harp Music event sponsored by Point Loma Credit Union and the December Benefit Concert held at the Carlsbad Senior Center.

In 2012, the Series began with “The Harp and Alexandra Tibbitts“, a solo recital of harp music presented in partnership with community libraries. These free family concerts often feature prelude performances by members of the Foundation’s “KIDS Playing for KIDS” team, most of whom love both MUSIC and SCIENCE. Overall, the program strives to highlight the kind of creativity FanFaire Foundation seeks to nurture.

2. KIDS Playing For KIDS – launched in October 2011 at a concert sponsored by Point Loma Credit Union, the program presents youth concerts featuring San Diego’s young musical talents, ages 6-17, many of whom also excel in science and math. They play solo and ensemble pieces to an audience of children, their families and community members at various venues in San Diego County, and beginning in Summer 2012 in Orange County as well. It is hoped that the young talents will serve as good role models for the children in the community, spark an interest in classical music, and nurture the kind of creativity the country needs today. In 2012, the program goes to Orange County. This program is envisioned to spawn FanFaire Foundation’s “Kids Teaching Kids” program.

3. Bring Kids to the Opera- in cooperation with San Diego Opera’s Education Department, FanFaire Foundation introduces students (from 3rd grade and up) to the unique art of OPERA. The program launched in February 2012, coincident with the West Coast premiere of Moby-Dick, the highly acclaimed opera by one of America’s greatest living composers, Jake Heggie. FanFaire Foundation had the honor of presenting Mr. Heggie in October 2010 as a guest performing artist in its second Music Appreciation Concert (see 5. below). The program has two components: 1) a docent lecture on the featured opera open to students and their families and 2) attendance by students from participating schools at the opera’s final dress rehearsal.

4. Bring Kids to the Concert / Music Appreciation Concert Series – launched in tandem in May 2010 when the first concert in the Series took place at the Neurosciences Auditorium. It was the Foundation’s first event at the acoustically superb concert hall. The Music Appreciation Concert Series presents artists of international stature to the San Diego community in a program format that through audience interaction with the performers demystifies the various forms of classical music. The first concert, which highlighted chamber music, featured the much acclaimed Rossetti Piano Trio. The second concert “Writing Opera Today” focused on opera and featured no less than the great American composer of opera, Jake Heggie and the renowned mezzo-soprano Suzanna Guzman. The program, conducted in partnership with local business, awards free tickets to students from participating San Diego County schools allowing them to experience and possibly be inspired by renowned artists performing in a world-class venue.

5. SCIENCE & MUSIC: CONCERTS & LECTURES – started in March 2009 coincident with the launching of the San Diego Science Festival. The series seeks to interest, if not inspire, students to pursue careers in science (or music) through lectures delivered by practicing scientists (or musicians) in a classroom setting of middle, junior high, or high school students. The first lecture, the “Physics of Waves“, was held on March 18, 2009 at the Memorial Preparatory for Scholars and Athletes in Logan Heights.

The second, Gene Music | Music Gene, a signature event of the 2010 San Diego Science Festival held at the Point Loma-Hervey Library was presented in a concert-lecture format featuring both a scientist and a musician.

Adventures in Science & Music” – spawned at the 2009 Inaugural San Diego Science Festival, this program features live musical ensemble performances that underscore the natural link between science and music. FanFaire Foundation’s successful participation in the San Diego Science Festival’s Expo Day at Balboa Park featured a jazz string and wing ensemble performance in conjunction with live demonstrations on the science of sound waves (such as those produced by string and wind instruments) and the use of common objects as musical instruments. An “Adventures in Science and Music” concert featuring orchestral music with a distinct science flavor performed by the newly-organized Greater San Diego Community Orchestra, directed by Dr. Angela Yeung was held in November 2010 as a satellite event of the Inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival in association with Maritime/STEM at the Embarcardero Marina Park South. A similar event was held at the 2011 San Diego Science Festival at Petco Park.

6. COMMUNITY OUTREACH – consists in FanFaire Foundation’s participation in activities or events that are community-based, i.e, characterized by active involvement of large segments of the greater San Diego community. The following are typical examples:

Sing-Along Concerts

1). Holiday Family Sing-Alongs These community activities are organized in partnership with local libraries such as the Escondido Public Library and Logan Heights Branch Library which co-presented the concerts in the 2011 holiday season.

2). Messiah Sing-Along Concert and Soloists’ Competition – Held at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium on December 3, 2010 and December 2 and 4, 2011 the concerts which featured the Greater San Diego Community Orchestra conducted by Dr. Angela Yeung were, in true holiday spirit, all warmly and happily received community events. The Soloists’ Competition, held on November 13 and 14, 2010 and November 12, 2011 and open to ALL young and aspiring singers in the community, gave the winners the opportunity to sing with an orchestra (some for the first time) as soloists at the Messiah Sing-Along Concert.


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