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KIDS Playing For KIDS at the Carlsbad Community Church 90th Anniversary Celebration
WHEN: Sunday September 19, 2013 7:30 pm
WHERE: Carlsbad Community Church – Carlsbad, CA

There is no one part that was best. It was all fabulous. We have visited the Vienna Concert Hall in Vienna and this performance exceeds that. It was extremely enjoyable.
- Anon.

Very professional. The young people are wonderful!
- Anon.

[I liked] the cello – especially the one played by Maxwell – ON ONE STRING!! All were wonderful! Can’t imagine what a sheet of the music looks like – all those notes!! Played so fast from memory! Fingers are a marvelous intstrument – to the students and a gift from God to us for our enjoyment.
- A.L Long

I liked all of it – but especially watching Andrew!
- C. Slater

Amazing what you have done with these youth. Great concentration and skill. Thank you.
- R. Nelson

Outstanding talent at such a young age.
- D. & D. Dirk

Very, very good! Such talent!
– Anon.

Yes, I enjoyed the concert. It is difficult to say what I liked best.
- Anon.

What we liked best about the concert: Each performer’s incredible God-given talent; the willingness of each to share these talents; Wow! A wonderful concert by very special young people.
- D. & V. Pool

What I liked best about the concert: The incredible skill and passion, and obvious discipline. Please come to our school (Roger Rowe) to perform.
- A. Golden (4th grade)

Wonderful! How fortunate the families are to hear such beautiful music from their children
- R. & C. Johnson

All are such talented young people. I liked the variety in ages.
- Anon.

Everyone was awesome!
- Anon.

All was awesome. I especially enjoyed the cello/piano together.
- B. & C. Stalder

[I liked] the entire concert.
- Anon.

[I liked] everything! Their talents are marvelous!
- Anon.

[I liked] everything!
- Anon.

Amazing program. Time well spent.
- J. Lowe

[I liked the] great selections, professional quality of the music.
- Joy (home-schooled 6th grader)

[We liked] all of it – wonderful!
G. & B. Steck

Excellent musicianship; great music choices.
- Anon.


From Paris To You 2014

Sunday March 2, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.
Villa Musica in Sorrento Valley

Music enriches our spirit. Felt lucky to be able to attend a community concert of such high quality. So satisfying to hear someone you knew as a child develop into a gifted musician.
- L. Levy (Physical Therapist)

Great performers – passion, drama, softness! I loved that they played pieces not very popular; so inviting to know more about classical music – modern times! Loved Zachary’s passion! And Virginie’s outstanding performance.
- A. Alvarez (Engineer)

What a beautiful combination of tonality – viola and piano – very complimentary. The artists are amazing and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to hear them. Thank You FanFaire and thank you, Villa Musica.
- B. Lawyer (Former Music Teacher)

[I liked] their remarkable sensitivity and their synchronicity in the duets, their extraordinary and exceptional gifts – they became the music.
- Anon.

The music put my son into a relaxed, quiet mood which our daily lives prevent us from doing. The concert is a great motivation to play more classical music at home and bring concentration for school and creativity. He liked the mood and peace he experienced.
- N. Velarde-Alvarez (2nd grader – feedback written by Mom)

Great program. I like the discussion about the pieces, food performance space, lovely playing. They are very talented.
- G. Kramer

Zachary did a fantastic job performing on the piano. He inspired me to play my piano more. The staff at Fanfaire were friendly and informative. Thank you so much!!
- C. Leebok

It was very beautiful, and it was amazing how they played together.
- M. Sanchez (Grandmother)

Excellent program selection; varied and very enjoyable. Performers very talented!! Viola can have a soothing sound.
- T. & M. Sander

Artists were exceptional! I enjoyed the selections along with the narrative explaining the pieces.
- R. C. Soltan (Vice Chair, AP)

Wonderful artists, great songs. Would definitely come back. Big Time.
- B. DeMerta

I was impressed with such great talent and enjoyed the program very much.
-F. Parker

I had a good time listening to the people at the concert. They play very fast and it was super fantastic.
- D. Mach (parent – K. Trinh)

That kids are welcome and have the opportunity to see and hear musicians perform. For family concerts, it may be more interesting for kids to hear “popular classics” e.e.g, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (Mozart), Four Seasons (Vivaldi), Russian Dance, Chopin’s Piano Sonata and to keep it to an hour maximum?
- N. Chun (5 years old)

Very good family concert, and very good for kids to listen to live classical music. Beautiful music!
- L. Wu

Family-friendly, very intimate setting, professional musicians.
- S. Liu (Analytical Scientist)

Enjoyable performance in a comfortable intimate venue.
- S. Sherman (Ret.)

[I liked the concert] very much. I wish they played some classical pieces that kids know too.
- H. Mach

[I liked] the music and Zach’s informative speeches before each song.
- T. Sablan

Fantastic music, great venue.
- Anon.

Suggestion: There should be a camera set up on the piano to show the piano players’ hands. I would like to see the incredible speed at which their fingers are moving.
- T. O’Brien

[I liked] the music.
- B. Tricoli

- A. Li (Pre-schooler)

[I liked the] VIOLA.
- D. Gunderson (violist)

- J. Tayla


Monday February 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
The Village Church Chapel
Rancho Santa Fe

Wonderful for a Monday evening in Rancho Santa Fe! Program included selections which are not often performed in San Diego. Artists were exceptionally fine musicians. A thoroughly enjoyable concert! Many will be disappointed they did not attend!
- S.B Cowan (Ret.)

Zach – stirring, expressive, emotional. Schubert by heart from the heart. Powerful! Virginie a dream! From the first stroke, I was transported. Rich, mellow, a pure delight! Elegant.
- A. Pratt (Ret. French Teacher)

My daughter, age 11, wanted to spend her birthday at this concert. Because it is a free family event, I was able to oblige her interest in viola. What extraordinary talent! Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.
- D. Smith

I loved how the pianist and the violist collaborated to make music together.
-L. Burke (5th grade student, age 11)

Thank you! Exquisite music in a lovely, intimate setting that is very comfortable. Love being this close to the artists to observe their connection to the music. Also love the introduction to Rebecca Clarke. ;-)
- Retired

Lovely variety in selections. Schubert was amazing! Beautiful phrasing / technique. Look forward to more music. Was fascinating to watch you play. Thanks for coming and sharing your gift. Fabulous sounding piano!
- Anon.

[I liked the] Juxtaposition of mature works by three giants of the Romantic Era with more modern work with which I was not familiar.
- H. Pope

The Marchenbider for Viola and Piano by Robert Schumann is a jewel piece. And was admirably performed by wonderful artists.
- B. Tran (Executive Director)

Awesome piano playing. Very moving concert.
- L. Custer (human being)

Enjoyed all selections. Langsam movement very beautiful. Both musicians very good. Comfortable seating. Nice that the stage is raised, so we can see.
- J. Hellmer (Ret.)

[I liked] the Romantic Era program AND the performance!
- C. Robinson

Nice acoustics. Well performed. Also liked all the introductions.
- Lewis

Fabulous, enjoyable. Very talented. It was fascinating watching his hands while playing.
- L. Duell

{I liked] the quality. Moving and informative. Great talent. Thank you so much.
- K. Kozlow (Ret. Artist)

Beautifully programmed, marvelously played!
- P. and C. Graham

Loved Brahms. I liked the stories Zachary told. The viola sonata was superbly played. It evoked myriads of emotions.
- E. Malouf

[I liked] the excellence of the performers and their knowledge of the work they performed.
- Rev. J. Farley

Wonderful music – personalities show through. Energy.
- J. Frame

Learned about your foundation at Carlsbad Optimist Club meeting. What a noble purpose! The concert is beautiful.
- G. Bick (Ret. Teacher)

It’s great to see and listen to young musicians. Thank you.
- T and N. Hoffman

Beautiful acoustics. WOnderful setting. Mind-blowing musicians.
- B. Kapow (Maestro)

Zach is a wonderfully talented pianist. Beautiful music, very skillful playing. Schumann duet was lovely. Virginie is very gifted.
- P. Overland

[I liked] Everything! Superb musicianship, lovely program, gorgeous chapel and piano.
- G. Dentel

Music – relaxing.
- M. Khalil (Pharmacist)

I was transported to Paris. Surreal! Great performance!
- S. Matera

Lovely music and lovely chapel. Piano sounds great! The musicians are wonderful.
- G. Hoopes

The artists were superb. Excellent selection of music.
- R. Tilton

Great artistry and expression. A Wonderul evening of music.
- B. Dauner

Intimate. Very enjoyable
- S. Dawlabani

Sunday February 23, 2014
La Jolla-Riford Branch Library

A terrific concert! The performers were spectacular and the choice of music was excellent. The combined piano and viola was beautiful. Zach Deak and Virginie D’Avezac De Castera – they obviously have fantastic careers ahead of them.
- D.K. Berg (Professor of Neurobiology, UCSD)

Very professional. On a scale of 1-10, I give 15. Excellent.
- M. Simon

Very beautiful performances and an excellent choice of repertoire. Very high level of performance. Would definitely come back for these performances. Also, piano was very nice.
- V. Yablonsky (Ret.)

[I liked] their exceptional gifts. I thank FanFaire for providing the venue so the public may hear and see Zachary and Virginie perform. Please bring them back. Thank you.
- Anon.

It was beautiful and the artists were fabulous!
- M.L. Greenberg

Dynamic, passionate, harmoniously articulated. Virginie and Zach as a duo are in step and remarkable in their synchronicity.
- J. Maynard (Sr. Software Engineer)

So happy to be able to enjoy a classical concert today. As a student it is also so nice it is free to the public. Thank you!
- A. Korbin (College Sophomore)

Wonderful that everyone of you (musicians, sponsor, volunteers) is committed to sharing much-honored music with the public. Can’t rely on the so-called “mass-media/entertainment/’phony-culture/disseminating corporations” to provide these uplifting moments. (“Miley Cyrus”, etc., etc. are more important.)
- V. Riahy (Mechanical/Product designer)

The first half was new music for me, tenderly and passionately played in an intimate setting. I wish them both great success with their musical goals. Most enjoyable.
- M. Sogo

The pianist was amazing – made very difficult Schubert flow with lyricism and drama. The pisno-viola duow was fabulous – totally feeling the music together and communicating it to the audience.
- S. Kirkpatrick

Beautiful music by truly wonderful artists. They are both so young and will definitely reach the highest reaches of musical stardom. Good luck and may the good music flow.
- H. Master

[I liked] 1) the performers 2) the selections 3) the historical perspectives that Zach Deak presented regarding the composers.
- H.K. Hammond (Professor of Medicine / Research Scientist)

A beautiful performance by very talented young musicians. I love that our local library could host a concert of complex music.
- B. Hazen (rResearch Technician)

Very beautiful music. Especially enjoyed the Marchenbilder duet, Lebhaft. Exquisite and delightful.
- J. Hwang (Professor of Chemistry)

[I liked] the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality classical music in an intimate setting to support aspiring young musicians.
- M. Korbin (Teacher)

I am not a musician, but I enjoyed it very much.
- T. Phillips

Very professionally performed. I particularly liked the pianist who sat sat still as he played. The selections were quite pleasing. Interesting to hear the viola instead of the violin.
- B. Chifos

The program selections were delightful and both artists played with expertise and great feeling, expressing the wonderful compositions that they selected. I would love to hear them play again!
- C. Wickham (Ret. Medical Transcriber)

[I liked] Everything! I can envision seeing the performing in Europe. They are marvelous! Thank you for all you do for the citizens of San Diego!
- E. Leon (ret. educator)

Extraordinary talent! They brought tears to my eyes. Zachary’s comments added to the enjoyment of the afternoon.
- M. Leon (ret)

[I liked] the setting, nice music. It was “formidable”. I would like them to come more often,
- D. Gaudry

[I liked] the beautiful performers, the beautiful music. Babies are great, but get them out of the room ;-)
- V. Lott-Hagen (Researcher, University of Pittsburgh)

I thought that the performers were excellent. Music was very enjoyable.
- V. Meyers

[I liked] the professionalism and high quality of musicality and expression. Quite beautiful!
- B. Molinare (Scientist)

Appreciated the music and setting.
- J. Tomaszewki (USN)

[I liked] the SERENITY.
- S. Greatone

Loved both instruments and musicians. Fine selections.
- J. Cohn (Ret. Singer)

[I liked] the fervor and energy and the interpretation of the music.
- K.E.Phillips

[I liked] the slow Schumann piece.
- B. Thompson

[I liked] everything!
- C. Hirschfeld

- N. Woelfer

[I liked] the warm welcoming atmosphere provided by both the concert organizers and the performers who were superb.
- G. Nestor (Music Ventures Production)

Great performers! Wonderful musical selections. Friendly and warm atmosphere, well-organized; would love to see them again.
- M. Santomauro (Ret.)

The chemistry between the two artists was phenomenal. The musical notes flowed so smoothly. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you for bringing this talent to SD.
- Z. Master

It was musical, refined and emotionally exciting. We need more. A beautiful experience.
- R. Cohn

I rarely listen to classical music these days. This concert reminds me how much I enjoy it.
- T. Kelly

I’m totally unaware of these performers – the music they presented was “foreign” to me. Yet, I was able to accept the duo portion of their presentation.
- G. Buchman

I loved the duo’s Schumann choice and their expressive playing. Also loved Zachary’s piano solo.
- R. Frazier (Ret. Teacher)

I like the sound of the viola. Played violin through high school. Nice job.
- C. Graham (Ret. Teacher)

Lively, informative, beautifully played; soul-nourishing
- C. Crane

Program was exceptional. Both were magnificent. Thank you for coming.
- C. Winer

Very enjoyable, relaxing. Talented performers.
- K. Fredman

[I liked] the friendliness, talent of the performers, the accessibility to the neighborhood, free admission.
- N. Ruderman

[I liked] the Schumann adagio.
- G. Vergani

I enjoyed the playing of all the selections very much.
- E. Cohn (Ret.)

Very well done. Interesting, good selection of music.
- E. Westlake

[I liked] the talent. They are great.
- M. Ruiz (Ret)

Excellent performers, world class musicians, beautiful music.
- R. Ruiz

Well done. Both players were excellent.
- B. Nestor

[I liked] everything.
- P. Olenski

[I liked] the expertise, their combined talents. THe selections – peaceful for a lovely Sunday afternoon.
- C. McGrath

[I liked] the choice of music – the 4th movement of the Schumann was especially beautiful. Fine performers.
- B. Douglas

[I liked] The musicians! The selections! The information provided before each piece. Thank you.
- a graduate student

Delightful… well-programmed with some choice – works not so often heard.
- S. Nodelman (Professor)

Excellent performers and a wonderful program! Thank you!
- S. Smith

[I liked] Everything
- T. McConnell (Ret. Colonel USAF)

I enjoy it very much. It was lovely. Thanks.
- M.Osuna

Very quiet and serence. Very excellent performers.
- R. Armstrong (Ret.)

[I liked] the enthusiasm of the young musicians and the audience engagement.
- E.Allen (Technician)


Saturday February 22, 2014
Chodorow Synagogue, Encinitas

- S.Merel

[I liked] everything!
- J.Frosh

Very talented performers.
- B. Meyers

Concert was beautiful. I would like to hear more.
- H. Rotto

Excellent performance! We would have preferred to hear some pieces more familiar to this audience of seniors.
- A. Morawetz

Great! Both are really accomplished musicians.
- D. Alpert

The talent of the young duo was wonderful.
- Anon

The Schumann was excellent and well received by the audience. Other selections, though very well played, not well chosen for us.
- T. Bohm

The entire presentation was a rare treat. Thank you!
- T. Feder

Great! Bravo!!
- I. Sweet


Friday February 21, 2014
Lower Lounge, Casa de Manana

Was fabulous!! Very nice that they put a very good concert on. I feel honored to have been present.
- R. Claybrook

It was FREE! Seriously. the selections which were chosen were beautiful and superbly played.
- M. Stotts

Great program and superb musicians
- Dr. G. Melese

Both performers, Mr. Deak and Ms. D’Avezac presented world-class instrumental artistry. Mr. Deak possesses an exceptionally remarkable sense of the music interpretation along with notable accuracy. Ms. Virginie D’Avezac presented moving expression and well-trained technique.
- C. Pederson (Ret. Braodcast Announcer, Voice of America – USIA / Commercial Regional Network Broadcast Announcer)

[I liked the] quality of the music presented. The music selections were interesting and upbeat. It is a pleasure to have such quality performers. Thank you.
- Anon.

[I liked] the talent of the musicians. Very accomplished, very professional.
- J. Pinnick

Excellent. Delightful
- G. Farah, MD

The program selections were excellent and the performers so professional and talented.
- J. Sage

[I liked the] beautiful music.
- N. Pinnick

[I liked] the opportunity to hear music not so frequently performed.
- W. Kreifeldt

Excellent piano and viola!
- J. Sage



WHEN: Sunday October 27, 2013 2:00 pm
WHERE:Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

[I liked] The talented youth! Pity the Rancho Santa Fe School District didn’t send their many music students! Michael Chen is amazing. Adrian Liu and Paul Maxwell a rare treat.
-A. Goudy

[I liked] Everything! An Eugene. Thank you for gifting us the wonderful music of these young and ever so gifted artists. Your concerts bring me great joy, both for the experience of the music itself and for the knowledge that you are contributing to laying the foundation on which these young people will create tomorrow’s musical traditions. I really loved Adrian’s last solo; I couldn’t sit still through it!!
-C. Slater

Wow! It made me cry. Such talent at any age, youthful choices sometimes, always executed on a professional level. A bunch of little Mozarts.
- K. Kozlow

The musicians are exceptional. It’s great that the students are always in the spotlight – this really is about them.
- J.Piper

Excellent! Great for kids, enjoyable for parents!
- J. Iskandar

[I liked] Everything! I was totally impressed.
- L. Kasch

[I liked] The kids!! The selection of music – variety and length. The quality of the performers *****! The venue, daytime, close to home.
- I.R.Kim

I love the variety of music presented. The kids were all in such good spirit today!!
- A.Iskandar

[I liked] The enthusiasm and talent of all the performers. Thank you.
- S.Corless

Fabulous. I am amazed at such poise and musicianship. They all know their instruments so well. It is a true pleasure to see and hear them.

Good variety. Constantly amazed at talent and dedication of these young musicians. Wish I had lstened to my grandmother and continued my piano lessons! Add a few contemporary tunes to broaden audience?
-J. Hoeflich

[I liked] The 4-year old violin player.
-J. Nguyen (1st grader)

[I liked] The bass player with stilt legs and a very, very long end pin for the bass. I also know Paul Maxwell from the Point Loma Credit Union performance.
-B.Nguyen (3rd grader)

I loved their beautiful pieces! Bravo! Bravo!
-K. Nguyen (5th grader)

[I liked] Everything – the kids, the pieces – they put their souls into them. Thanks a lot.
-K. Nguyen (mother)

[I liked] Everything!
-J. Ettinger


KIDS Playing for KIDs 2013 at Carmel Valley

KIDS Playing for the KIDs 2013 at Carmel Valley
WHEN: Saturday September 28, 2013 1:00 pm
WHERE:Carmel Valley Public Library / San Diego, CA

I liked all the kids’ musical talents. I played piano for 2 and 1/2 years and I couldn’t play 0.00001% as good as them.
-Aaron (5th grader)

The students were amazing. Bravo!
-D. McIntosh

Great community involvement. Wonderful opportunity for our local talent to demonstrate their skills.
-M Reiners

I liked that the kids played music for other kids. They are great role models and a source of inspiration for my 6 year-old son.
-D. Ahkmerova

I liked it when everyone played so nicely.
- J. Rizzo (3rd grader)

Impressed by Michael Chen’s performance – young Mozart in action. Good performances by others.
- V. Vadlamani

I like to see kids play instruments. Also, I like seeing famous kids.
-G. Rizzo

Wonderful performance. Amazing kids.

[I liked] the music selections – extremely varied, kept everybody interested; and the players showed a great deal of confidence and commitment in the music they were playing.
-A. Giachino

[I liked] 1) the exceptional talent level 2) that it was a performance by young artists 3) open to the public for free
-C. Phoumivong

It was great.
-E.A. Thut (1st grader)

[I liked] that we could see the players very closely. Even though it was a small, free concert, all the participants were very serious about the music. It was a beautiful concert.
- E.Mi Lim


An Enchanted Evening: KIDS Play for the KID in You

An Enchanted Evening: KIDS Play for the KID in You
WHEN: Friday August 23, 2013 7:00 pm
WHERE: Casa de Manana / La Jolla, CA

Absolutely talented and magnificent musicians. How fortunate we are at Casa De Manana to have them here – all professionals already. Gorgeous selection of music.
-R. Oxman

Program is various and well-balanced. Performers played extremely well and were also well-disciplined in their demeanor. Thanks for an enjoyable evening.
-J. Ellison

[I liked] the skill, professionalism, and composure of the students. What talent!
-A. Moore

[I liked] the professionalism, passion and perfection! All of the young artists are gifted and have wonderful stage presence.
-J. Sage

[I liked] the remarkable assembly of such talented children. Very impression. They played without having the music in front of them. Thank you! A delightful evening.

[I liked] all of the beautiful children and their wonderful music. But I especially enjoyed the feeling and personal playing of Paul Maxwell’s piece. I also loved listening to Adrian Liu – wonderful!
-R. Tussey

[I liked] especially the presentation by Adrian and Dvorak by Paul Maxwell.
-D. Klipstein

Wonderful, fabulous, extraordinary.
-A. Wagner

[I liked] the skill of all participants; short time of each presentation. J. Wang and A. Liu – remarkable!! Great program.
-R. Fuller

[I liked] everything! Was so impressed by Kate Ng. So young and talented! It’s a great pleasure to have you here. Come again soon.
-K. kulak

[I liked] the concept: the choosing of such young musicians to play in public. I like karaoke with a young soloist!
-R. Rollins

A fantastic, clreative, excellent musical event. Wonderful TALENT!!
-J. Streichler

Performers were excellent, selections were impressive. Personal introduction to music was useful.
- Anon.

They are the most talented kids and they are very versatile. The cello player outdid himself. BRAVO!!!
-I.A. Kurzweil

I enjoyed hearing the students tell about their pieces. Hearing a variety of ages perform kept the program interesting. All were very talented.
- Anon.

[I liked] all of it! Cello was magnificent!! Beautiful instrument!

The talent was impressive and the composure of these talented young people was also impressive, as well as the stage presence.
-A. Dondero

To have reached such excellent emotional expression at these young ages is very inspiring to all who are able to hear each of you. We here tonight thank you for sharing your talents.
-V. Bertsch

Excellent program and excellent musicianship.
-R.D. Turner

[I liked] the talent, composure of the musicians. Well taught and managed.
-S. Tussey

I’m in awe of the mature way they conduct themselves. Quality music. Beyond remarkable. Michael Chen was so calm – outstanding young man.
-B. McQuiston

[I liked] the wonderful talent of these youths. They are undoubtedly excellent students in school as well. They are our future. Thank you.
-J. Hodak



Chamber Music is FUN!!!

WHEN: Saturday June 29, 2013
WHERE: Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

WOW! FANTASTIC! Every participant a skilled musician. What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. BRAVO! ENCORE!!
-S. Ford

[I liked] everything! The musicians are talented far beyond their years. It was like listening to professional musicians. The pieces selected were varied and delightful.
- D. Brooks

It was all fantastic, fabulous and wonderful. All of the musicians seem so dedicated and disciplined. And very talented.
- C. McCoy

[I liked] everything. Wonderful to see youth engaged in this way. Appreciated their being well-dressed but most of all appreciated their expertise and your dedication to music-science.
- P. Astier

We think it is great to allow the young to grow and appreciate the arts as such. We supported the Performing Arts Center at the Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe. Suggest you contact them to perform before an appreciative audience.
-J. Oren

What pleasure to see and hear the next generation present their musical skills with passion and polish. And the music is fun, too!
-J. Hoeflich

I love seeing such talented youth pursuing classical music–very refreshing. They are so committed. Very enjoyable, nice variety.
- O. Prahm

[I liked] all of the concert. Everyone was excellent. It was a great pleasure to be here for their music. They seemed to enjoy their efforts and perform with great poise. Thank you for the performance.
- J.D. Oren

The kids playing were exceptionally great. Their musical talent is beyond all that I’ve seen. The dynamics were wonderful. I love to see great potential blooming, and that’s what I saw. The setting of the concert was beautiful as well. The kids really depicted what music is.
- A. Pham

I was very impressed. Enjoyed such wonderful talent. Thank you for inviting us. The music was beautiful.
- F. Parker

The kids are amazing talents and such a pleasure to listen to.
- K. Carley

Fantastic! Very talented. Single word summation… Impressive.
- J.C.

[I liked] very much just about everything. So much different to hear it live. Music is beautiful!!! I enjoy it and my kids do too!
- H. Mach

The music selection is very beautiful. The program is well organized. Well done!
- H. Vo

The cello performances were fantastic. Modern music on the violins great.
- Shanti

Performed by young and talented kids. Choice of songs and the program are well organized and selected. This is a perfect setting to get kids involved and to appreciate music.
-L. Pham

[I liked] the mix of classical and popular music, though it could be performed in a more “impromptu” style. Give us variations of well known classical pieces!
- Anon.

Professional performance.
- W. McCoy

The music is very pretty and relaxing. I really enjoy listening to classical music. I was very impressed by everybody’s skill.
- A. Nguyen

[I liked] the very high quality of the these musicians. The venue is perfect!
- K. Kozlow

The music was great and I liked how the quartet was in rhythm.
- A Pham

Very enjoyable.
- W.Y. Lin

[I liked] everything! Great performance!
- A. Grote

What I liked was how the Impromptu Quartet and Paul Maxwell played their beautiful music and showed their virtuosity.
- G. Tonthat

Excellent music and players! Good mix of the varieties.
- J. Wong

[I liked] the nice selection of music. Great performance.
- S. Oetuma

Enjoyed seeing these young people perform.
- Anon.

[I liked] the different styles, solos!
- B. Grote

[ I liked] everything.
- J. Ettinger

It is wonderful!
- Anon.



Classical Music at Seacrest Village

WHEN: Saturday June 1, 2013
WHERE: Synagogue (Theater) at Seacrest Village
Encinitas, CA

This was the perfectly presented concert. Please come again.
- H. Rotto

Outstanding performances of all young musicians. Unbelievable talent!
- M. Fishman

The talent of the performers – EXTRAORDINARY! Bouquets to the teachers for bringing forth such excellence. Bravo!
- R. Sweet

Excellent performance.
- S. Landa

Such heart-centered virtuosity! Every piece was incredible, and their ability to play together and support each other was beautiful to see. I look forward with huge anticipation to listening to all of them as they continue to mature.
- C. Slater

I am very impressed with the outstanding talent displayed here this evening. Their confidence, their versatility, their strength, their youth, their stage presence are amazing. Beautiful program, beautiful delivery! I loved it. Flawless!
- A. Morawetz

They were all extraodinary – some are on their way to Carnegie Hall! The last two pianists are so in command and the cellist is marvelous.
- L. Hoffman

INDEED, such talent is hard to CONCEIVE. I am in awe of the children – their show of talent. It is inconceivable!
- V. Saven

I can’t say enough about the talent we heard tonight. The young people who performed were simply outstanding. I hope to hear them play often!
- D. Alpert

The talent, beauty, and self-confidence of these young people are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us.
- Anon.

The performers were remarkable. It was a pleasure to listen to them.
- Anon.

- Anon.

The many hours of practice by the performers is readily evident. They display maturity and grace and confidence. The choice of music is enchanting. Bravo! Continued success to you all!
- Anon.

[Solo pieces]: Michael – powerful rendition. Cello – great. Piano – like pistons; butterfly in a net; swift movement; very confident and at ease; rambling fingers; smooth sound over velvet
[Duos]: 1) Cello – acceptable. Piano – sound quieter and acceptable, very professional! 2) Cello – sounds like a violin, performance great. Piano – double cross hands – climbing scale.
- G. Buchman

Excellent talent. One string – too long.
- Anon



A Celebration of National Chamber Music Month and Mother’s Day

WHEN: Saturday May 11, 2013
WHERE: Casa de Manana
La Jolla, CA

I have first to come down from Cloud 9 !!!
Liu and Maxwell are budding stars. Come back soon.
- S.J. Singer, Professor Emeritus

Such dedicated, talented youngsters! Credit should also be given to their hard-working instructors. Please consider finding a way to influence today’s lost generation.
- Anon.

Amazing and wonderful performances by these very young boys and girls. I admire the discipline and practice necessary. BRAVOS!
- K. Kulak

They are incredible musicians!!!
- Anon.

I loved how each piece had a unique sound to it and different tones.
- An. Reynolds

[I liked] everything, it was great! Everyone was great! The music, the professionalism and the variety of music played. Thank you for coming.
- Anon.

[I liked] not only the amazing skills but also the affection of the performers toward the music and their love of performing.
- B. Miller

I loved the pieces the kids chose. Very interesting and entertaining. It was a wonderful showcase of their talents. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.
- Ab. Reynolds

[I liked] everything! It was fabulous! Wonderful talent!
- A. Wagner

Thank you for bringing these enormously talented kids to us.
- R. Rollins

[I liked] the lovely pieces. The players were great.
- J. Loebel

[I liked] young Asians doing Western music.
- Dr. R. Lau

Fabulous talent.
- H. Cypher


Benefit and CD Release Concerts celebrating the 1st Anniversary of “KIDS Playing For KIDS” Program and the Release of Its Debut CD Album

WHEN:Friday November 8, 2012 / Sunday November 11, 2012
WHERE: Woman’s Club of Carlsbad / Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club

I find FanFaire Foundation’s concerts to be an amazing testimony to how children can reach the zenith of their potential when they are given the proper amount of support, encouragement, and most of all… love.
- D. Pizarro (a jazz pianist, founding member of “KIDS Playing For KIDS” – just turned 16, and already a college freshman majoring in Aerospace Engineering; teaches piano on weekends!)

The level of accomplishment and poise is absolutely extraordinary. We are so happy to have had the chance to experience these wonderful musicians. We will certainly attend again. Thank you! Thank you!
- M. Swenson

A real joy. It is wonderful to see young people in love with music.
- C.Wheeler

Absolutely amazing! I would love to get on your mailing list to find out about any future performances. I attended the one at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club and was extremely impressed by the talented children performing. I would love to bring my grandson to see the performances as he is extremely interested in music.
- J. Dunford

It’s so refreshing to know this foundation sees purpose and gives encouragement to the talented children of our future.
- Gina

Experienced the love for music from talented young artists. Wonderful performances. My children have a chance to expose themselves to their peers. Hopefully this would inspire them to love music more.
- L. & T. Pham

The kids used great dynamics, truly inspirational. I play piano and want to play like them. Everyone had great quality but I enjoyed Clara Truong the most. She used great articulation and dynamics.
- A. Pham (5th grader)

No words can say… [the concert] brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart.
- K. Kozlow

This was our first time at a concert like this and we were so impressed with the performers’ abilities. They all did a great job. I can tell they have worked hard to get to where they are.
- A. Thomas

The genius in the youth and the fact that there is only the music – nothing about popularity or affluence was present to spoil the fun!
- J.L.Thomas

The incredible array of talented young musicians pleasantly surprised me. This bodes well for the future of FanFaire Foundation. It is hard to believe this is only your 1st anniversary!
- E. Penner

What I liked is that our room was full of music. Several of the kids are very spectacular and some are amazing!
- G. Tonthat

The children are wonderful. Bravo! This was our first concert. Fabulous! Sorry we couldn’t stay for the whole program.
- M.E. Frawley

The performers were masterful at their instruments. The songs were classical and modern standards–an excellent repertoire. Very talented kids with bright futures.
- P. Wellin

I was amazed by the skills of Michael, Alexis, Ursula, and the Pizarro Brothers, and I was enchanted by the soft touch of Clara Truong.
- U. Muller

I just love it! Beautiful music that you rarely hear on radio nowadays. And these talented kids played so amazingly. I hope this kind of music spreads around!!
- H. Mach

Amazing! We had a wonderful afternoon listening to all the talented children. They play their music with so much feeling. They play so wonderfully at such young ages.
- H. Adai

[I liked] everything! Each child was unbelievably talented beyond compare. I look forward to reading about them in the future.
- E. Cutler

I liked the variety of musical scores and the very talented musicians.
- P. Jordan

I loved everything. I hope to be part of more things like this. Great work, FanFaire Foundation! Keep it up!
- M. Chen

[I liked] Michael Chen
-J. Dy

I liked Michael and Christine (brother and sister) and the Pizarro Brothers.
- B. Yeung

I liked everyone.
- C. Chen




A performance of solo and ensemble pieces.

WHEN: 1 pm Saturday October 27, 2012

I love for my children to see greatness in other kids. It shows them what is possible when talent is combined with hard work.
- M. Fuchs

It is inspirational to see such academically gifted young people being so free, relaxed and beautifully expressive in the musical art form!!
- N. Mullers

I like their sophisticated skills most! I have been listening to classical music CDs all the time, but none can compare with my experience sitting here listening to these young, outstanding artists playing.
- C. Liu

The presenters show passion. And very skillful. Good model for young kids.
- C. Huang

Very impressed with the level of talent of these young people.
- K. Anderson

Gorgeous playing, fantastic talent!
- G. A. Lugo

I loved everything. It was wonderful. Great talent. Enjoyed every minute.
- F. Parker

Loved the variety and quality of performance.
- M. Rich

Setting up good role models for kids.
- X. Chen

All of the children did extremely well. I was very surprised how well the children played.
- A. Lugo

Children played such extraordinary pieces. Venue is convenient.
- M. Chan

One thing I liked about the concert was the violinist and when Michael sat on the piano.
- L .Hong (2nd grade student)

The kids are so confident and talented… and they’re just kids!
- L. Binder

All of the children are did very well. I hope to see more! Well done, FanFaire!
- M. Chen

The kids were so polished!
- J. Fuchs




- A lecture delivered by Dr. Gloria Cajipe, FanFaire Foundation co-founder

WHEN: Monday October 22, 2012 / at Rancho Carlsbad Ball Room/

A very interesting speech. I have not ever thought about the combination of science and good music. Thank you.
- E. Matson

It speaks to a great need in American education.
- F. Anselona

- F. Koolhof

The videos of the children playing were the best part for me.
- B. Ritter

[I liked] everything.
- P.Pendergraft



with prelude performances by Ursula Hardianto, Clara Truong, Paul Maxwell & and Emily Balderrama

WHEN: Sunday July 29, 2012 / La Jolla Riford Branch Library

[I liked] the quality of the music. The poise and presentation by the young musicians were simply marvelous. I wish them the best and thank you for all the work you do for a very worthy cause.
- B. Hammitt

The concert was excellent. The young people are a delight.
- P. McGovern

Excellent organization and musicians.
- L. Llacer

Fabulous! Please continue to offer us the opportunity to encourage these young talents.
- Anon.

Amazingly talented youth. Would love to see more.
- D. Walker and J.Almonor

Incredibly telented and gifted young performers. Wonderful program.
- J. Sage

Incredible performance by all the amazing performers. I loved it.
- Rhea

Fantastically good kids! Makes me wish I’d practiced!
- R. Rollins

Incredibly talented kids. Very expressive.
- Ciprian

Danli is so very gifted. The Franz Liszt Etude of “Un sospier” was breathtaking. Best wishes at Carnegie Hall! Paul is fantastic too at such a young age.
- Kathy

- M. Bloom

[I liked] the selection of pieces and expertise of the performers
- J. Mann

[I liked the] variety of composers.
- R.B. Thompson



Members of “KIDS Playing For KIDS” play solo pieces and duets

WHEN: 2 pm Saturday July 21, 2012 / Casa de Manana, La Jolla

FABULOUS! Best program here, ever!!
- R. Rollins

[I liked] EVERYTHING! They are all remarkable and so very talented.
- F.B. Harris

[I liked the] Talent and professionalism of the students… also, the selections of music.
- E. Rose

[I liked] The very talented young musicians playing beautiful classical music. Please come back.
- A. Scholfield

Beautiful music from such talented beautiful children.
- A.M. Barr

[I] came for the second half; sorry I missed the beginning. They were all wonderful! So talented!
- K. Kulak

[I liked] The enthusiasm and professional attitude of the young artists – a wonderful afternoon.
- Anon.

Very talented young people. Michael Chen – exceptional!!! Joyce Lee – Professional! A most enjoyable hour of grand music.
- Anon.

Versatility of talent displayed was wonderful – Adrian fantastic! Joyce Lee – wonderful! professional!
- P. Cheney

[I liked] Everything – so talented! Such skill!
-M. Dixon

[I liked] Everything. What talent. All the students were so poised. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing.
- H. Ellison

[I liked the] general expertise of the participants. Very inspiring.
- J.B. Brunella

Impressive skills and talents. Good selection of familiar music.
- R.P. Rose

Dedication and hard work from such young students. Wonderful! They are our future.
- Anon.

[I liked] The exceptional talent of all the children, their poise and selections.
-J. Flack

Enjoyed young musicians playing classical music.
- U. Chi

[I liked] the selections and especially the skill and talent of the young people and their enjoyment of classical music.
- I. Wang

- Anon.

LEARN MORE about the KIDS and the program.



A lecture delivered by Dr. Gloria Cajipe, FanFaire Foundation co-founder

WHEN: 1:30 pm Friday July 20, 2012 / at Mira Costa College / hosted by “LIFE at Mira Costa” – a lifelong learning group

Excellent! My first time here, so will be back!

Interesting topic, excellent discussion afterwards…especially when
speaker had time to expand and qualify remarks.

Amazing statistics…Eye opening…Loved the info on Einstein & the
connection to music.


Very enthusiastic.

She was great!

Very inspiring – charming.

Liked that it was more general than just education for kids.

Fast-paced, great anecdotes & facts…Most interesting data, quotes!

Seems to be that this presenter is speaking about a good liberal education.

A new twist!!

Enthusiastic presentation w/great info – Inspiring.

Quite enlightening.

Very enlightening info.


Wonderful concept of commonality of music and science.

Excellent. What a personality!! Excellent, excellent.

Very interesting.

Another informative lecture!

Not just good but the best program of the year!

–SOURCE: Audience feedback collected by Claude Alverson (curriculum committee member, LIFE at Mira Costa)



KIDS Playing For KIDS debut at the ORANGE COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART in Newport Beach in morning and afternoon performances

WHEN: 11 am and 2 pm Sunday July 8, 2012

Classical music performance by FanFaire kids were just fabulous!

I enjoyed classical music played by FanFaire kids.

We loved the FanFaire Foundation event.

Amazing. I like the Kids Playing For Kids program

Very amazed at those kids.

I love kids playing for kids program.

Love the music and interaction of music and art.

- Source: Orange County Museum of Art Survey Form




Thirteen members of KIDS Playing For KIDS perform solos, duets and piano trios

WHEN:June 24, 2012 at Point Loma / Hervey Branch Library

All are so wonderful! It is amazing how at such young ages they have accomplished so much – indeed a tribute to the students and their parents and teachers!
- M. M. Lytle

Very, very talented musicians–what a treat–wonderful way to spend an afternoon!! I personally thank all the musicians and people who make this music possible.
- S.C. Palmer

Very talented kids.
- D. Hom

I liked “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
- Nicholas (2nd grader)

I loved how there was a very wide variety of ages and also the performances.”
- I. Tran

- S. Marquez

Amazing talent! Thanks so much.
- M. Kahn




Four performances by Paris-based pianist Zachary Deak and violist Virginie D’Avezac De Castera

WHEN: Sunday April 29, 2012 at the La Jolla / Riford Branch Library
[Note: The program included prelude performances by the following members of FanFaire Foundation's Kids Playing for Kids program: 8-year old Alexis Ng, 14-year old Ivy Tran, and 10-year old Michael Chen as Prelude performers.]

Absolutely delightful. We heard the artist in Point Loma and followed him.
- L. Berger

Pure music for the soul and a heart opener.
- S. Greatone

[I liked] Fur Elise! All the music. The contrast with the Liszt. The age variety. Alexis, Michael and Ivy. The love. The viola/piano blend. Your hearts. Everything! The venue too.
- C. Slater

Great programme, wonderful performances!
- M. Brzveustovsky

Inspiring music. Both musicians are sensitive and clearly listen to one another, thus creating sublime moods. Love to receive information via email on upcoming concerts. Thank you!
- R. Seward

- Jan Scott

Was fabulous!
- T. Barwood

Very talented musicians. Thank you.
- C. Hockstein

- R. Armstrong

Wonderful, exciting, versatile, new and different. Young people were so talented!
- M. Miller

Great concert! Wonderful performers!
- C. Parker

Excellent selections; very well performed.
- E. Cohen

[I liked] everything! What about a Q & A afterwards?
- J. Garfield

Nice selections. Very well performed.
- R. Scott

Great seats. Super brilliant talent. The variety of young musicians opening– Bravo! Brava!
- C. Jones

- Zovig

[I liked] the young people! Everyone.
- R. Bergstrom

WHEN: April 28, 2012 at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club
- sponsored by KATHY & PHIL HENRY

- A. Wagner

Program choices were excellent, performers superb. Zachary is a budding Horowitz.
- M. & V. Meyers

Superb program. The pianist and violist were of top quality.
- M. Henaff

My family enjoyed it. My son is 11 years old and is studying violin and piano. This is a wonderful education for him.
- M. Maravilla

[I liked] all of it! Kalvin is incredibly talented – a joy to hear. Zachary and Virginie are such a treat to hear. So fortunate to have musicians of their caliber here! Thank you so much.
- T. Hendlin

Kalvin Hibi performed so beautifully, with so much sensitivity and purity of interpretation and tone for such a young musician! I enjoyed the viola very much and also the Schumann sonata.
- D. Hardison

[I liked] the young man who played first (Kalvin S. Hibi); the organization of the program, sequence of artists. The artists were highly competent and entertaining.
- J.M. Hardison

[I liked the] quality, beauty. Unusual, very professional. I am so glad these concerts are available to all.
- k. Kozlow

Very talented performers!
- E. Deak

[I liked] the artists! The musical selections…
- K. Beaurichard

Very high quality and location – RSF.
-B. Johnson

We’ve known Zachary since he was a babe! Most anxious to see his progress!
- M. Wagner

WHEN: April 24, 2012 at the Schulman Auditorium, Carlsbad City Library
- sponsored by W.I.N. CONSULTING (Therese Cisneros-Remington, owner) and POINT LOMA CREDIT UNION
[Note: The program included a prelude performance by Michael Chen who played an Etude by Chopin and Invitation to the Dance by Carl Maria von Weber. Michael is an active member of FanFaire Foundation's Kids Playing for Kids program.]

It has been an honor and privilege to listen to these great musicians. I am thankful for the sponsor and the FanFaire Foundation for bringing this opportunity to this community. Bravo! Bravo!
- D. Ducharme

Fabulous! It’s great to see such talent performing locally and even better for free. Keep the culture and the talent playing and available.
- J. Hill

We enjoyed the performance of 10-year old Michael Chen. We took our young sons to this concert and were so happy they were able to see a very talented child perform as well as the main performers. Thank you for a wonderful event.
- R. Lim

Wonderful concert. Thank you for making such concerts available to the community.
- R. Hendlin

Lovely music. Particularly enjoyed the duets. One rarely gets to hear viola featured. It is a wonderful, deep-throated instrument

[I liked] the quality of the performers and the intimacy of the venue.
- Hector Eriksen-Mendoza

It was very exciting live. The repertoire was intense and awesome. I’ll do it all again. Of course, it’s free.
- A. Huang, 8th grader

Very inspirational performers. Good show.
- M. Wallenfels

[I liked] the compelling nature of the music presented and the dedication of the musicians.
- S. Mangewala

- J. Witman

Very nice intonation and choice of pieces.
-W. Yang

They kept me awake.
- M. Ducharme

The music was so beautiful I almost fell asleep! ;-)
- C. Yang, 6th grader

WHEN: April 15, 2012 at the Point Loma / Hervey Branch Library

What a wonderful treat was today’s recital in Point Loma. Thank you for bringing Zachary Deak to us.
- R. Salinas

LEARN MORE about the program and the artists.



Four chamber music performances by pianist BYRON CHOW, MD; violinist LAUREN BASNEY; and cellist DANIELFRANKHUIZEN

WHEN: 2 pm Thursday August 11, 2012 at the Museum of Making Music
7 pm August 12, 2011 at the French Parlor, University of San Diego
- sponsored by Dr. HENRY & Mrs. HELEN LOK
2 pm August 13, 2012 at the Escondido Public Library
2 pm August 14, 2012 at the La Jolla / Riford Branch Library

Last night’s chamber music concert in French Parlor, USD, by the Orvieto Piano Trio was exquisite. Wish there was a “Love” button.
- Anne Maclachlan (posted on FanFaire Foundation’s Facebook page on August 13, 2011)



A genuine community holiday event with wide audience participation.

WHEN: December 3, 2010 at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium

That was quite an accomplishment for a first year Messiah!   I had been to the Boston Symphony Orchestra one, but I think yours was more fun.  And many in the audience were half-surprised when they realized that the “encore” included them singing the Hallelujah again. But I think the effect was wonderful! Everyone knew what to expect and I think  the  second time around, they were more into it.

Awesome job!
- AL




WHEN: October 3, 2010 at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium
A Music Appreciation Event featuring renowned opera composer Jake Heggie and mezzo-soprano Suzanna Guzman

Thank you for hosting an absolutely stunning concert, and an enjoyable afternoon learning so much and being able to interact with these two dynamic musicians! It is simply wonderful to have a foundation dedicated to music education and an artist’s perspective. You are making a difference, and I for one greatly appreciate it.

Jake and Suzanna, what a PLEASURE to meet and talk with you!!! I look forward to seeing you again and hopefully working with you in the future.  – ER, an opera performance graduate student




WHEN: May 16, 2010 at the Neurosciences Institute Auditorium
A Music Appreciation Event / “Bring Kids to the Concert” program

“Your Bring Kids to the Concert Program provided an amazing experience that is crucial to nurturing a high quality Orchestra program!

…the students absorbed so much knowledge from this high-quality performance.  When students hear professional musicians and feel connected to the performers, as in this intimate venue, they have a better impression of what to strive for in their own performance abilities and also gain a feeling of immersion into this musical culture that reaches far beyond the classroom…. our Orchestra program will enjoy further exposure to world-class musicians by attending your concerts that provide incredible memories for students and lead them to appreciate music throughout their lives!” - MH, a Middle School Orchestra Director

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in inviting the students. The kids and our friends really had a good time at the concert. My piano teacher who came with us to the concert was very impressed.  The concert inspired her to play one of the pieces played in the concert soon as she got home.  Your efforts in putting this concert together really touched my heart. Thank you again.
- AG

Thanks so much for the “Bring Kids to the Concert” tickets.”  It was a lovely concert and my teachers and students really enjoyed it.
-  JP

My friends were very impressed with the musicians and thought it was a very successful concert. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the musician’s talk and their performance. This concert was definitely a good opportunity for students to learn how to appreciate classical music. Thank you again for all your efforts in putting this concert together.
- SH

I thought it was the most beautiful chamber music performance I’d ever attended. Usually I find them soporific, but not this one. The sound from those instruments was amazing.
- JH

Wonderful concert…..loved the commentary from Thomas Diener, really enhanced my enjoyment of each piece. Brilliant.
- DH

I attended the concert with a friend and we both enjoyed it tremendously. The trio is certainly world class.  I also want to commend you and thank you for the work you are doing to provide the venue for transforming our culture and appreciation for the elegant art forms.
- JM

I was there towards the end of the concert but I didn’t catch the whole thing. I’ve heard great things from the people who were there that the musicians were great and that the presentation of the music was terrific.  Kudos!
- JC

I am not a practicing fan of chamber music, but I truly enjoyed the concert. It did feel like they were performing in my house/parlor. The intimacy and entertainment was superb. Good show!
- DD

The performance was splendid, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- CZ

We enjoyed the event so much! The presentation was delightfully enlightening and the music was divine.  We will spread the word for you, and look forward to your next event. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- CS

We did enjoy the concert very much.  The format of the concert indeed brought us closer to the music and musicians.  It was very educational and pleasant. Thank you for your efforts in running this foundation.
- TH

We had a wonderful time!  My husband enjoyed it so much that if you ever need a volunteer, and if he is available, he would love to be of service. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
- JD

Wonderful concert.  I enjoyed the musicians immensely.  Hope they’ll come back sometime.
- JN

The concert was fantastic, and we really enjoyed it.
- CM



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