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TESTIMONIALS – Chamber Music at Casa de Manana

I have first to come down from Cloud 9 !!!
Liu and Maxwell are budding stars. Come back soon.
- S.J. Singer, Professor Emeritus

Such dedicated, talented youngsters! Credit should also be given to their hard-working instructors. Please consider finding a way to influence today’s lost generation.
- Anon.

Amazing and wonderful performances by these very young boys and girls. I admire the discipline and practice necessary. BRAVOS!
- K. Kulak

They are incredible musicians!!!
- Anon.

I loved how each piece had a unique sound to it and different tones.
- An. Reynolds

[I liked] everything, it was great! Everyone was great! The music, the professionalism and the variety of music played. Thank you for coming.
- Anon.

[I liked] not only the amazing skills but also the affection of the performers toward the music and their love of performing.
- B. Miller

I loved the pieces the kids chose. Very interesting and entertaining. It was a wonderful showcase of their talents. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.
- Ab. Reynolds

[I liked] everything! It was fabulous! Wonderful talent!
- A. Wagner

Thank you for bringing these enormously talented kids to us.
- R. Rollins

[I liked] the lovely pieces. The players were great.
- J. Loebel

[I liked] young Asians doing Western music.
- Dr. R. Lau

Fabulous talent.
- H. Cypher


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