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TESTIMONIALS – Chamber Music is FUN!!!

Chamber Music is FUN!!!

WHEN: Saturday June 29, 2013
WHERE: Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

WOW! FANTASTIC! Every participant a skilled musician. What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. BRAVO! ENCORE!!
-S. Ford

[I liked] everything! The musicians are talented far beyond their years. It was like listening to professional musicians. The pieces selected were varied and delightful.
- D. Brooks

It was all fantastic, fabulous and wonderful. All of the musicians seem so dedicated and disciplined. And very talented.
- C. McCoy

[I liked] everything. Wonderful to see youth engaged in this way. Appreciated their being well-dressed but most of all appreciated their expertise and your dedication to music-science.
- P. Astier

We think it is great to allow the young to grow and appreciate the arts as such. We supported the Performing Arts Center at the Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe. Suggest you contact them to perform before an appreciative audience.
-J. Oren

What pleasure to see and hear the next generation present their musical skills with passion and polish. And the music is fun, too!
-J. Hoeflich

I love seeing such talented youth pursuing classical music–very refreshing. They are so committed. Very enjoyable, nice variety.
- O. Prahm

[I liked] all of the concert. Everyone was excellent. It was a great pleasure to be here for their music. They seemed to enjoy their efforts and perform with great poise. Thank you for the performance.
- J.D. Oren

The kids playing were exceptionally great. Their musical talent is beyond all that I’ve seen. The dynamics were wonderful. I love to see great potential blooming, and that’s what I saw. The setting of the concert was beautiful as well. The kids really depicted what music is.
- A. Pham

I was very impressed. Enjoyed such wonderful talent. Thank you for inviting us. The music was beautiful.
- F. Parker

The kids are amazing talents and such a pleasure to listen to.
- K. Carley

Fantastic! Very talented. Single word summation… Impressive.
- J.C.

[I liked] very much just about everything. So much different to hear it live. Music is beautiful!!! I enjoy it and my kids do too!
- H. Mach

The music selection is very beautiful. The program is well organized. Well done!
- H. Vo

The cello performances were fantastic. Modern music on the violins great.
- Shanti

Performed by young and talented kids. Choice of songs and the program are well organized and selected. This is a perfect setting to get kids involved and to appreciate music.
-L. Pham

[I liked] the mix of classical and popular music, though it could be performed in a more “impromptu” style. Give us variations of well known classical pieces!
- Anon.

Professional performance.
- W. McCoy

The music is very pretty and relaxing. I really enjoy listening to classical music. I was very impressed by everybody’s skill.
- A. Nguyen

[I liked] the very high quality of the these musicians. The venue is perfect!
- K. Kozlow

The music was great and I liked how the quartet was in rhythm.
- A Pham

Very enjoyable.
- W.Y. Lin

[I liked] everything! Great performance!
- A. Grote

What I liked was how the Impromptu Quartet and Paul Maxwell played their beautiful music and showed their virtuosity.
- G. Tonthat

Excellent music and players! Good mix of the varieties.
- J. Wong

[I liked] the nice selection of music. Great performance.
- S. Oetuma

Enjoyed seeing these young people perform.
- Anon.

[I liked] the different styles, solos!
- B. Grote

[ I liked] everything.
- J. Ettinger

It is wonderful!
- Anon.


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