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This concert was amazing. I like how Paul Maxwell started the concert and I like how the Pizarro Brothers were funny in their music. How do you teach a kid to do that?
- M. Wallig (age, 6 – granddaughter)

OMG! The Pizarro Bros have matured so beautifully! And Michael was GREAT! And little Gene and Kate – such potential. And Paul, so much more poised. I loved “The Flight”. And Claire’s original compositions. Just watching these kids grow from season to season is such a privilege. I loved watching the Ng family!
- C. Slater

This concert was amazing. It was incredible. Everyone was loaded with talent.
- Y. Wallig (Grandma)

I loved every offering. What a great entertainment besides an inspiration. Would be great to have piano acompaniment, too.
- B.A. Ritter (Ret. Violin Teacher)

Very very good presentation. The kids are really into their art and present themselves very well; an [I liked] the originality of their own pieces.
- D. Esh

Loved the Pizarro Brothers – not only great performers, but great entertainers! All the children were wonderful! Love that they play AND compose. The fact that some of them volunteer is very commendable.
- H. Wallig

[I liked] All of it – the one violin piece was little long and some of the passages were anticlimactic. My favorite pieces were the cello pieces – very touching, evocative, quiet.
- B. Miller (artist, writer)

[I liked] The talent of all the children. Outstanding performance.
-T. Pratt

Loved seeing the young artists. They all performed well beyond their age and are no doubt destined to great musical heights.
- B. Haid

[I liked] Everything, especially the Brothers.
- J. Botto

[I liked] Talent of kids. I want to check in 10 years where the “Brothers” are! What a future awaits them. Also, where Kate Ng is in 10 years. I’ll be watching.
- S. Pace

The confidence and professionalism of the children are amazing. I loved the compositions; it made for a beautiful listening experience. I have a granddaughter who is 11 years old and a beginning cello student.
- G. Carlos

Masterful performances, variety, amazingly young musicians with joyful spirits. BRAVO!
- N. Bailey (Ret. Library Tech)

Excellent! Music has always been a BIG part of my life – playing cello in high school and college and choral group.
- B. Price

Absolutely love and admire the Pizarro Brothers. Sure hope they will give me the pleasure of an entire program at Rancho Carlsbad.
- B. Bevis

[I liked] Everything – it was awesome and above all very entertaining – good group of kids.
- Anon.

The youth are an inspiration and their parents and teachers who support them
- R. Miller

[I liked] the music of the young people.
- M. McKinney

The performance was beautiful; very much enjoyed.
- J. Leonard

Music makes a difference for kids. Amazing.
- N. Salier

Incomparable, fantastic, fabulous. One of the very best performances I have seen in several years.
- W. Atkinson

Outstanding, exceptional talent at such young age. What a blessing to be here today to see and hear then – inspiring@ Thank you so much!
- S. Benful

Amazing, gifted kids! Wonderful musical afternoon! Please come back!
- D. Hester

I am delighted to see young people involved in classical music! Hallelujah!
- F

[I liked the] Spontaneity! Amazing talent at any age.
- K. Kozlow

quality of the music, inspiration of kids and their training; original compositions, especially contemporary and classical.
- Anon.

[I liked] the children’s ability to play classical music from memory; and the Pizarro Brothers – impressive and delightfully entertaining.
- J. Anne

fantastic, very entertaining. I would love to see them perform more often.
- L. Alberts

[I liked] Everything! especially the Pizarro Bros – jazz as well as their singing.
- C. Kampmann

Very good.
- S. Woods

Absolutely delighful! I enjoyed every minute. Very entertaining and lifting.
- A. Maidment


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