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TESTIMONIALS – An Enchanted Evening at Casa de Manana

Absolutely talented and magnificent musicians. How fortunate we are at Cas De Manana to have them here – all professionals already. Gorgeous selection of music.
-R. Oxman

Program is various and well-balanced. Performers played extremely well and were also well-disciplined in their demeanor. Thanks for an enjoyable evening.
-J. Ellison

[I liked] the skill, professionalism, and composure of the students. What talent!
-A. Moore

[I liked] the professionalism, passion and perfection! All of the young artists are gifted and have wonderful stage presence.
-J. Sage

[I liked] the remarkable assembly of such talented children. Very impression. They played without having the music in front of them. Thank you! A delightful evening.

[I liked] all of the beautiful children and their wonderful music. But I especially enjoyed the feeling and personal playing of Paul Maxwell’s piece. I also loved listening to Adrian Liu – wonderful!
-R. Tussey

[I liked] especially the presentation by Adrian and Dvorak by Paul Maxwell.
-D. Klipstein

Wonderful, fabulous, extraordinary.
-A. Wagner

[I liked] the skill of all participants; short time of each presentation. J. Wang and A. Liu – remarkable!! Great program.
-R. Fuller

[I liked] everything! Was so impressed by Kate Ng. So young and talented! It’s a great pleasure to have you here. Come again soon.
-K. kulak

[I liked] the concept: the choosing of such young musicians to play in public. I like karaoke with a young soloist!
-R. Rollins

A fantastic, clreative, excellent musical event. Wonderful TALENT!!
-J. Streichler

Performers were excellent, selections were impressive. Personal introduction to music was useful.
- Anon.

They are the most talented kids and they are very versatile. The cello player outdid himself. BRAVO!!!
-I.A. Kurzweil

I enjoyed hearing the students tell about their pieces. Hearing a variety of ages perform kept the program interesting. All were very talented.
- Anon.

[I liked] all of it! Cello was magnificent!! Beautiful instrument!

The talent was impressive and the composure of these talented young people was also impressive, as well as the stage presence.
-A. Dondero

To have reached such excellent emotional expression at these young ages is very inspiring to all who are able to hear each of you. We here tonight thank you for sharing your talents.
-V. Bertsch

Excellent program and excellent musicianship.
-R.D. Turner

[I liked] the talent, composure of the musicians. Well taught and managed.
-S. Tussey

I’m in awe of the mature way they conduct themselves. Quality music. Beyond remarkable. Michael Chen was so calm – outstanding young man.
-B. McQuiston

[I liked] the wonderful talent of these youths. They are undoubtedly excellent students in school as well. They are our future. Thank you.
-J. Hodak


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