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Sunday March 2, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.
Villa Musica in Sorrento Valley

Music enriches our spirit. Felt lucky to be able to attend a community concert of such high quality. So satisfying to hear someone you knew as a child develop into a gifted musician.
- L. Levy (Physical Therapist)

Great performers – passion, drama, softness! I loved that they played pieces not very popular; so inviting to know more about classical music – modern times! Loved Zachary’s passion! And Virginie’s outstanding performance.
- A. Alvarez (Engineer)

What a beautiful combination of tonality – viola and piano – very complimentary. The artists are amazing and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to hear them. Thank You FanFaire and thank you, Villa Musica.
- B. Lawyer (Former Music Teacher)

[I liked] their remarkable sensitivity and their synchronicity in the duets, their extraordinary and exceptional gifts – they became the music.
- Anon.

The music put my son into a relaxed, quiet mood which our daily lives prevent us from doing. The concert is a great motivation to play more classical music at home and bring concentration for school and creativity. He liked the mood and peace he experienced.
- N. Velarde-Alvarez (2nd grader – feedback written by Mom)

Great program. I like the discussion about the pieces, food performance space, lovely playing. They are very talented.
- G. Kramer

Zachary did a fantastic job performing on the piano. He inspired me to play my piano more. The staff at Fanfaire were friendly and informative. Thank you so much!!
- C. Leebok

It was very beautiful, and it was amazing how they played together.
- M. Sanchez (Grandmother)

Excellent program selection; varied and very enjoyable. Performers very talented!! Viola can have a soothing sound.
- T. & M. Sander

Artists were exceptional! I enjoyed the selections along with the narrative explaining the pieces.
- R. C. Soltan (Vice Chair, AP)

Wonderful artists, great songs. Would definitely come back. Big Time.
- B. DeMerta

I was impressed with such great talent and enjoyed the program very much.
-F. Parker

I had a good time listening to the people at the concert. They play very fast and it was super fantastic.
- D. Mach (parent – K. Trinh)

That kids are welcome and have the opportunity to see and hear musicians perform. For family concerts, it may be more interesting for kids to hear “popular classics” e.e.g, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (Mozart), Four Seasons (Vivaldi), Russian Dance, Chopin’s Piano Sonata and to keep it to an hour maximum?
- N. Chun (5 years old)

Very good family concert, and very good for kids to listen to live classical music. Beautiful music!
- L. Wu

Family-friendly, very intimate setting, professional musicians.
- S. Liu (Analytical Scientist)

Enjoyable performance in a comfortable intimate venue.
- S. Sherman (Ret.)

[I liked the concert] very much. I wish they played some classical pieces that kids know too.
- H. Mach

[I liked] the music and Zach’s informative speeches before each song.
- T. Sablan

Fantastic music, great venue.
- Anon.

Suggestion: There should be a camera set up on the piano to show the piano players’ hands. I would like to see the incredible speed at which their fingers are moving.
- T. O’Brien

[I liked] the music.
- B. Tricoli

- A. Li (Pre-schooler)

[I liked the] VIOLA.
- D. Gunderson (violist)

- J. Tayla

Monday February 24, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
The Village Church Chapel
Rancho Santa Fe
Wonderful for a Monday evening in Rancho Santa Fe! Program included selections which are not often performed in San Diego. Artists were exceptionally fine musicians. A thoroughly enjoyable concert! Many will be disappointed they did not attend!
- S.B Cowan (Ret.)

Zach – stirring, expressive, emotional. Schubert by heart from the heart. Powerful! Virginie a dream! From the first stroke, I was transported. Rich, mellow, a pure delight! Elegant.
- A. Pratt (Ret. French Teacher)

My daughter, age 11, wanted to spend her birthday at this concert. Because it is a free family event, I was able to oblige her interest in viola. What extraordinary talent! Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.
- D. Smith

I loved how the pianist and the violist collaborated to make music together.
-L. Burke (5th grade student, age 11)

Thank you! Exquisite music in a lovely, intimate setting that is very comfortable. Love being this close to the artists to observe their connection to the music. Also love the introduction to Rebecca Clarke. ;-)
- Retired

Lovely variety in selections. Schubert was amazing! Beautiful phrasing / technique. Look forward to more music. Was fascinating to watch you play. Thanks for coming and sharing your gift. Fabulous sounding piano!
- Anon.

[I liked the] Juxtaposition of mature works by three giants of the Romantic Era with more modern work with which I was not familiar.
- H. Pope

The Marchenbider for Viola and Piano by Robert Schumann is a jewel piece. And was admirably performed by wonderful artists.
- B. Tran (Executive Director)

Awesome piano playing. Very moving concert.
- L. Custer (human being)

Enjoyed all selections. Langsam movement very beautiful. Both musicians very good. Comfortable seating. Nice that the stage is raised, so we can see.
- J. Hellmer (Ret.)

[I liked] the Romantic Era program AND the performance!
- C. Robinson

Nice acoustics. Well performed. Also liked all the introductions.
- Lewis

Fabulous, enjoyable. Very talented. It was fascinating watching his hands while playing.
- L. Duell

{I liked] the quality. Moving and informative. Great talent. Thank you so much.
- K. Kozlow (Ret. Artist)

Beautifully programmed, marvelously played!
- P. and C. Graham

Loved Brahms. I liked the stories Zachary told. The viola sonata was superbly played. It evoked myriads of emotions.
- E. Malouf

[I liked] the excellence of the performers and their knowledge of the work they performed.
- Rev. J. Farley

Wonderful music – personalities show through. Energy.
- J. Frame

Learned about your foundation at Carlsbad Optimist Club meeting. What a noble purpose! The concert is beautiful.
- G. Bick (Ret. Teacher)

It’s great to see and listen to young musicians. Thank you.
- T and N. Hoffman

Beautiful acoustics. WOnderful setting. Mind-blowing musicians.
- B. Kapow (Maestro)

Zach is a wonderfully talented pianist. Beautiful music, very skillful playing. Schumann duet was lovely. Virginie is very gifted.
- P. Overland

[I liked] Everything! Superb musicianship, lovely program, gorgeous chapel and piano.
- G. Dentel

Music – relaxing.
- M. Khalil (Pharmacist)

I was transported to Paris. Surreal! Great performance!
- S. Matera

Lovely music and lovely chapel. Piano sounds great! The musicians are wonderful.
- G. Hoopes

The artists were superb. Excellent selection of music.
- R. Tilton

Great artistry and expression. A Wonderul evening of music.
- B. Dauner

Intimate. Very enjoyable
- S. Dawlabani

Sunday February 23, 2014
La Jolla-Riford Branch Library

A terrific concert! The performers were spectacular and the choice of music was excellent. The combined piano and viola was beautiful. Zach Deak and Virginie D’Avezac De Castera – they obviously have fantastic careers ahead of them.
- D.K. Berg (Professor of Neurobiology, UCSD)

Very professional. On a scale of 1-10, I give 15. Excellent.
- M. SImon

Very beautiful performances and an excellent choice of repertoire. Very high level of performance. Would definitely come back f0o these performances. Also, piano was very nice.
- V. Yablonsky (Ret.)

[I liked] their exceptional gifts. I thank FanFaire for providing the venue so the public may hear and see Zachary and Virginie perform. Please bring them back. Thank you.
- Anon.

It was beautiful and the artists were fabulous!
- M.L. Greenberg

Dynamic, passionate, harmoniously articulated. Virginie and Zach as a duo are in step and remarkable in their synchronicity.
- J. Maynard (Sr. Software Engineer)

So happy to be able to enjoy a classical concert today. As a student it is also so nice it is free to the public. Thank you!
- A. Korbin (College Sophomore)

Wonderful that everyone of you (musicians, sponsor, volunteers) is committed to sharing much-honored music with the public. Can’t rely on the so-called “mass-media/entertainment/’phony-culture/disseminating corporations” to provide these uplifting moments. (“Miley Cyrus”, etc., etc. are more important.)
- v. Riahy (Mechanical/Product designer)

The first half was new music for me, tenderly and passionately played in an intimate setting. I wish them both great success with their musical goals. Most enjoyable.
- M. Sogo

The pianist was amazing – made very difficult Schubert flow with lyricism and drama. The pisno-viola duow was fabulous – totally feeling the music together and communicating it to the audience.
- S. Kirkpatrick

Beautiful music by truly wonderful artists. They are both so young and will definitely reach the highest reaches of musical stardom. Good luck and may the good music flow.
- H. Master

[I liked] 1) the performers 2) the selections 3) the historical perspectives that Zach Deak presented regarding the composers.
- H.K. Hammond (Professor of Medicine / Research Scientist)

A beautiful performance by very talented young musicians. I love that our local library could host a concert of complex music.
- B. Hazen (rResearch Technician)

Very beautiful music. Especially enjoyed the Marchenbilder duet, Lebhaft. Exquisite and delightful.
- J. Hwang (Professor of Chemistry)

[I liked] the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality classical music in an intimate setting to support aspiring young musicians.
- M. Korbin (Teacher)

I am not a musician, but I enjoyed it very much.
- T. Phillips

Very professionally performed. I particularly liked the pianist who sat sat still as he played. The selections were quite pleasing. Interesting to hear the viola instead of the violin.
- B. Chifos

The program selections were delightful and both artists played with expertise and great feeling, expressing the wonderful compositions that they selected. I would love to hear them play again!
- C. Wickham (Ret. Medical Transcriber)

[I liked] Everything! I can envision seeing the performing in Europe. They are marvelous! Thank you for all you do for the citizens of San Diego!
- E. Leon (ret. educator)

Extraordinary talent! They brought tears to my eyes. Zachary’s comments added to the enjoyment of the afternoon.
- M. Leon (ret)

[I liked] the setting, nice music. It was “formidable”. I would like them to come more often,
- D. Gaudry

[I liked] the beautiful performers, the beautiful music. Babies are great, but get them out of the room ;-)
- V. Lott-Hagen (Researcher, University of Pittsburgh)

I thought that the performers were excellent. Music was very enjoyable.
- V. Meyers

[I liked] the professionalism and high quality of musicality and expression. Quite beautiful!
- B. Molinare (Scientist)

Appreciated the music and setting.
- J. Tomaszewki (USN)

[I liked] the SERENITY.
- S. Greatone

Loved both instruments and musicians. Fine selections.
- J. Cohn (Ret. Singer)

[I liked] the fervor and energy and the interpretation of the music.
- K.E.Phillips

[I liked] the slow Schumann piece.
- B. Thompson

[I liked] everything!
- C. Hirschfeld

- N. Woelfer

[I liked] the warm welcoming atmosphere provided by both the concert organizers and the performers who were superb.
- G. Nestor (Music Ventures Production)

Great performers! Wonderful musical selections. Friendly and warm atmosphere, well-organized; would love to see them again.
- M. Santomauro (Ret.)

The chemistry between the two artists was phenomenal. The musical notes flowed so smoothly. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you for bringing this talent to SD.
- Z. Master

It was musical, refined and emotionally exciting. We need more. A beautiful experience.
- R. Cohn

I rarely listen to classical music these days. This concert reminds me how much I enjoy it.
- T. Kelly

I’m totally unaware of these performers – the music they presented was “foreign” to me. Yet, I was able to accept the duo portion of their presentation.
- G. Buchman

I loved the duo’s Schumann choice and their expressive playing. Also loved Zachary’s piano solo.
- R. Frazier (Ret. Teacher)

I like the sound of the viola. Played violin through high school. Nice job.
- C. Graham (Ret. Teacher)

Lively, informative, beautifully played; soul-nourishing
- C. Crane

Program was exceptional. Both were magnificent. Thank you for coming.
- C. Winer

Very enjoyable, relaxing. Talented performers.
- K. Fredman

[I liked] the friendliness, talent of the performers, the accessibility to the neighborhood, free admission.
- N. Ruderman

[I liked] the Schumann adagio.
- G. Vergani

I enjoyed the playing of all the selections very much.
- E. Cohn (Ret.)

Very well done. Interesting, good selection of music.
- E. Westlake

[I liked] the talent. They are great.
- M. Ruiz (Ret)

Excellent performers, world class musicians, beautiful music.
- R. Ruiz

Well done. Both players were excellent.
- B. Nestor

[I liked] everything.
- P. Olenski

[I liked] the expertise, their combined talents. THe selections – peaceful for a lovely Sunday afternoon.
- C. McGrath

[I liked] the choice of music – the 4th movement of the Schumann was especially beautiful. Fine performers.
- B. Douglas

[I liked] The musicians! The selections! The information provided before each piece. Thank you.
- a graduate student

Delightful… well-programmed with some choice – works not so often heard.
- S. Nodelman (Professor)

Excellent performers and a wonderful program! Thank you!
- S. Smith

[I liked] Everything
- T. McConnell (Ret. Colonel USAF)

I enjoy it very much. It was lovely. Thanks.
- M.Osuna

Very quiet and serence. Very excellent performers.
- R. Armstrong (Ret.)

[I liked] the enthusiasm of the young musicians and the audience engagement.
- E.Allen (Technician)

Saturday February 22, 2014
Chodorow Synagogue, Encinitas

- S.Merel

[I liked] everything!
- J.Frosh

Very talented performers.
- B. Meyers

Concert was beautiful. I would like to hear more.
- H. Rotto

Excellent performance! We would have preferred to hear some pieces more familiar to this audience of seniors.
- A. Morawetz

Great! Both are really accomplished musicians.
- D. Alpert

The talent of the young duo was wonderful.
- Anon

The Schumann was excellent and well received by the audience. Other selections, though very well played, not well chosen for us.
- T. Bohm

The entire presentation was a rare treat. Thank you!
- T. Feder

Great! Bravo!!
- I. Sweet

Friday February 21, 2014
Lower Lounge, Casa de Manana

Was fabulous!! Very nice that they put a very good concert on. I feel honored to have been present.
- R. Claybrook

It was FREE! Seriously. the selections which were chosen were beautiful and superbly played.
- M. Stotts

Great program and superb musicians
- Dr. G. Melese

Both performers, Mr. Deak and Ms. D’Avezac presented world-class instrumental artistry. Mr. Deak possesses an exceptionally remarkable sense of the music interpretation along with notable accuracy. Ms. Virginie D’Avezac presented moving expression and well-trained technique.
- C. Pederson (Ret. Braodcast Announcer, Voice of America – USIA / Commercial Regional Network Broadcast Announcer)

[I liked the] quality of the music presented. The music selections were interesting and upbeat. It is a pleasure to have such quality performers. Thank you.
- Anon.

[I liked] the talent of the musicians. Very accomplished, very professional.
- J. Pinnick

Excellent. Delightful
- G. Farah, MD

The program selections were excellent and the performers so professional and talented.
- J. Sage

[I liked the] beautiful music.
- N. Pinnick

[I liked] the opportunity to hear music not so frequently performed.
- W. Kreifeldt

Excellent piano and viola!
- J. Sage


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