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Four performances by Paris-based pianist Zachary Deak and violist Virginie D’Avezac De Castera

WHEN: Sunday April 29, 2012 at the La Jolla / Riford Branch Library
[Note: The program included prelude performances by the following members of FanFaire Foundation's Kids Playing for Kids program: 8-year old Alexis Ng, 14-year old Ivy Tran, and 10-year old Michael Chen as Prelude performers.]

Absolutely delightful. We heard the artist in Point Loma and followed him.
- L. Berger

Pure music for the soul and a heart opener.
- S. Greatone

[I liked] Fur Elise! All the music. The contrast with the Liszt. The age variety. Alexis, Michael and Ivy. The love. The viola/piano blend. Your hearts. Everything! The venue too.
- C. Slater

Great programme, wonderful performances!
- M. Brzveustovsky

Inspiring music. Both musicians are sensitive and clearly listen to one another, thus creating sublime moods. Love to receive information via email on upcoming concerts. Thank you!
- R. Seward

- Jan Scott

Was fabulous!
- T. Barwood

Very talented musicians. Thank you.
- C. Hockstein

- R. Armstrong

Wonderful, exciting, versatile, new and different. Young people were so talented!
- M. Miller

Great concert! Wonderful performers!
- C. Parker

Excellent selections; very well performed.
- E. Cohen

[I liked] everything! What about a Q & A afterwards?
- J. Garfield

Nice selections. Very well performed.
- R. Scott

Great seats. Super brilliant talent. The variety of young musicians opening– Bravo! Brava!
- C. Jones

- Zovig

[I liked] the young people! Everyone.
- R. Bergstrom

WHEN: April 28, 2012 at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club
- sponsored by KATHY & PHIL HENRY

- A. Wagner

Program choices were excellent, performers superb. Zachary is a budding Horowitz.
- M. & V. Meyers

Superb program. The pianist and violist were of top quality.
- M. Henaff

My family enjoyed it. My son is 11 years old and is studying violin and piano. This is a wonderful education for him.
- M. Maravilla

[I liked] all of it! Kalvin is incredibly talented – a joy to hear. Zachary and Virginie are such a treat to hear. So fortunate to have musicians of their caliber here! Thank you so much.
- T. Hendlin

Kalvin Hibi performed so beautifully, with so much sensitivity and purity of interpretation and tone for such a young musician! I enjoyed the viola very much and also the Schumann sonata.
- D. Hardison

[I liked] the young man who played first (Kalvin S. Hibi); the organization of the program, sequence of artists. The artists were highly competent and entertaining.
- J.M. Hardison

[I liked the] quality, beauty. Unusual, very professional. I am so glad these concerts are available to all.
- k. Kozlow

Very talented performers!
- E. Deak

[I liked] the artists! The musical selections…
- K. Beaurichard

Very high quality and location – RSF.
-B. Johnson

We’ve known Zachary since he was a babe! Most anxious to see his progress!
- M. Wagner

WHEN: April 24, 2012 at the Schulman Auditorium, Carlsbad City Library
- sponsored by W.I.N. CONSULTING (Therese Cisneros-Remington, owner) and POINT LOMA CREDIT UNION
[Note: The program included a prelude performance by Michael Chen who played an Etude by Chopin and Invitation to the Dance by Carl Maria von Weber. Michael is an active member of FanFaire Foundation's Kids Playing for Kids program.]

It has been an honor and privilege to listen to these great musicians. I am thankful for the sponsor and the FanFaire Foundation for bringing this opportunity to this community. Bravo! Bravo!
- D. Ducharme

Fabulous! It’s great to see such talent performing locally and even better for free. Keep the culture and the talent playing and available.
- J. Hill

We enjoyed the performance of 10-year old Michael Chen. We took our young sons to this concert and were so happy they were able to see a very talented child perform as well as the main performers. Thank you for a wonderful event.
- R. Lim

Wonderful concert. Thank you for making such concerts available to the community.
- R. Hendlin

Lovely music. Particularly enjoyed the duets. One rarely gets to hear viola featured. It is a wonderful, deep-throated instrument

[I liked] the quality of the performers and the intimacy of the venue.
- Hector Eriksen-Mendoza

It was very exciting live. The repertoire was intense and awesome. I’ll do it all again. Of course, it’s free.
- A. Huang, 8th grader

Very inspirational performers. Good show.
- M. Wallenfels

[I liked] the compelling nature of the music presented and the dedication of the musicians.
- S. Mangewala

- J. Witman

Very nice intonation and choice of pieces.
-W. Yang

They kept me awake.
- M. Ducharme

The music was so beautiful I almost fell asleep! ;-)
- C. Yang, 6th grader

WHEN: April 15, 2012 at the Point Loma / Hervey Branch Library

What a wonderful treat was today’s recital in Point Loma. Thank you for bringing Zachary Deak to us.
- R. Salinas

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