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TESTIMONIALS – KIDS Playing For KIDS at Carmel Valley 2013

I liked all the kids’ musical talents. I played piano for 2 and 1/2 years and I couldn’t play 0.00001% as good as them.
-Aaron (5th grader)

The students were amazing. Bravo!
-D. McIntosh

Great community involvement. Wonderful opportunity for our local talent to demonstrate their skills.
-M Reiners

I liked that the kids played music for other kids. They are great role models and a source of inspiration for my 6 year-old son.
-D. Ahkmerova

I liked it when everyone played so nicely.
- J. Rizzo (3rd grader)

Impressed by Michael Chen’s performance – young Mozart in action. Good performances by others.
- V. Vadlamani

I like to see kids play instruments. Also, I like seeing famous kids.
-G. Rizzo

Wonderful performance. Amazing kids.

[I liked] the music selections – extremely varied, kept everybody interested; and the players showed a great deal of confidence and commitment in the music they were playing.
-A. Giachino

[I liked] 1) the exceptional talent level 2) that it was a performance by young artists 3) open to the public for free
-C. Phoumivong

It was great.
-E.A. Thut (1st grader)

[I liked] that we could see the players very closely. Even though it was a small, free concert, all the participants were very serious about the music. It was a beautiful concert.
- E.Mi Lim


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