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TESTIMONIALS – Seacrest Village Synagogue

This was the perfectly presented concert. Please come again.
- H. Rotto

Outstanding performances of all young musicians. Unbelievable talent!
- M. Fishman

The talent of the performers – EXTRAORDINARY! Bouquets to the teachers for bringing forth such excellence. Bravo!
- R. Sweet

Excellent performance.
- S. Landa

Such heart-centered virtuosity! Every piece was incredible, and their ability to play together and support each other was beautiful to see. I look forward with huge anticipation to listening to all of them as they continue to mature.
- C. Slater

I am very impressed with the outstanding talent displayed here this evening. Their confidence, their versatility, their strength, their youth, their stage presence are amazing. Beautiful program, beautiful delivery! I loved it. Flawless!
- A. Morawetz

They were all extraodinary – some are on their way to Carnegie Hall! The last two pianists are so in command and the cellist is marvelous.
- L. Hoffman

INDEED, such talent is hard to CONCEIVE. I am in awe of the children – their show of talent. It is inconceivable!
- V. Saven

I can’t say enough about the talent we heard tonight. The young people who performed were simply outstanding. I hope to hear them play often!
- D. Alpert

The talent, beauty, and self-confidence of these young people are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us.
- Anon.

The performers were remarkable. It was a pleasure to listen to them.
- Anon.

- Anon.

The many hours of practive by the performers is readily evident. They display maturity and grace and confidence. The choice of music is enchanting. Bravo! Continued success to you all!
- Anon.

[Solo pieces]: Michael – powerful rendition. Cello – great. Piano – like pistons; butterfly in a net; swift movement; very confident and at ease; rambling fingers; smooth sound over velvet
[Duos]: 1) Cello – acceptable. Piano – sound quieter and acceptable, very professional! 2) Cello – sounds like a violin, performance great. Piano – double cross hands – climbing scale.
- G. Buchman

Excellent talent. One string – too long.
- Anon


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